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If you have read several articles, tutorials, and blog posts relating to SEO and paid advertising such as PPC, you might have concluded that each of these marketing strategies is done in isolation from the other. In other words, most of the content online about either SEO or PPC suggest that they are done separately and almost to the extent that they compete with each other.

That is not surprising given that some marketers are huge fans of PPC and will write passionately about its merits and how it can quickly drive traffic to websites. Other marketers are SEO experts who are fully committed to keeping on top of the unending changes Google makes to its algorithm and helping to drive “free” organic traffic to websites.

You will note that we placed “free” in quotations as no traffic is completely free because there will be a financial cost to create an SEO campaign, or at the very least, there is a time cost given how long some SEO campaigns take to bear results.

Despite all of their differences and the situation where some marketers appear to be in either the PPC camp or the SEO camp, the fact is that neither of them should be seen as the antithesis of the other. We will go further than that and state that one of the best and most effective ways to create a successful traffic generation campaign is to utilise both SEO and PPC within that campaign.

In other words, we are suggesting that rather than having to choose one or the other, you instead use both SEO and PPC to complement the benefits and advantages that each of them has. This way the individual results that each can provide are enhanced when those results are combined. Continue reading, and we will explain ten effective strategies to achieve what we have just described.

#1 – Implement A PPC Campaign For Immediate Traffic: If your business requires immediate traffic, then the quickest way to achieve this online is to start a PPC campaign. By setting an affordable budget, bidding on relevant keywords, and producing ad copy that will convert you could have traffic arriving on your website within minutes of your PPC campaign going live.

#2 – Implement An SEO Campaign For Long-Term, Sustainable Traffic: From the fast traffic to the slower but often more sustainable and reliable traffic that SEO can produce. Be aware that you will need to be patient with SEO. However, you can get faster results by turning over your SEO to a local SEO agency. They may not create traffic overnight, but it will certainly arrive sooner thanks to their SEO expertise and experience.

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When you are working on an SEO campaign, there will be a variety of objectives that form part of it. One of those will be to get traffic to specific pages, some of which will be landing pages. However, not every landing page will be the target of organic traffic from search engines as some landing pages might also be being sent traffic from paid advertising campaigns such as pay-per-click.

Some website owners might simply use a single landing page for all of their traffic whether it be SEO generated from search engines, or PPC generated from paid ads, however, that may not be the most effective way of using landing pages. What has been shown to work much better than using a single landing page, especially when it comes to conversion rates, is to have a differently designed landing page for SEO traffic, to that which is used for paid traffic.

Why Every Page Can Be Considered A Landing Page

We wish to start by clarifying what we mean by a landing page because it is the case that there are many different views on what constitutes a landing page. You can legitimately say that every page is a potential landing page, especially if it is the first page within a website that a visitor arrives at from another source, and for this article that is how we are going to define them.

Now, what many will regard as definitive landing pages, are those which traffic is driven to, that have very little content, and which usually have a single purpose such as visitors submitting their email address, or clicking through to find out more about a product.

What this takes us to is a recognition that there are different types of landing pages, and depending on what type of traffic they receive and the purpose for which they are part of a website, it will make a difference in how they are designed to maximize their performance.

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