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If you ask most business owners how easy or how difficult it is to find a digital marketing and Melbourne SEO company that you can depend on to get results, the proportion of replies which indicate it is difficult is almost certain to outnumber those which say it is easy. For a start, the number of SEO agencies in Melbourne is significant, so you have a large pool from which to choose.

The other issue is that while many of those agencies might wax lyrical about their services, when it comes to the crunch, how can you be certain that their subsequent actions and the results they achieve in terms of ranking your website will live up to the promises which they have made to you?

Why Choose SEO Melbourne?

At SPE, we like to think that we break the mould somewhat when it comes to living up to our promises, and at the core of that is one very simple, and some might say, an old-fashioned principle that we follow every day, and that is rolling our sleeves up, and doing the hard work that it takes to meet our clients’ needs.

You see, Melbourne SEO, and ranking websites on the first page of Google and the other search engines is not easy. If any marketing agency pitches you and says it is, then you need to question them. There is not some switch that we can simply turn on, and suddenly you rank. If it were that easy, there would not be a need for SEO Melbourne experts or agencies in the first place. View our: SEO Case Studies

“… unsurpassed in-depth knowledge of SEO and Google guidelines. I am very impressed with this organisation.”

Eddie Souza, Managing Director
Brilliance Services Group
Perth & Melbourne, Australia


SEO MelbourneSEO Melbourne Priority: To Remain #1

Google, which is the number one search engine on the internet, and who want to hold to that position, basically set the rules for search engine rankings. They know that tor them to remain #1, those who use their search engine must see the most relevant results possible for any search they make, otherwise, people will do their online searching elsewhere.

To make those results relevant, Google has well over 200 different ranking factors which they use to give every single web page on the internet a relevancy score for any search term that might be entered into the search box. Knowing those factors, how important each is to Google, and how to optimise websites for them are just a few of the skills that SEO Melbourne brings to the table in terms of helping get your website ranked.

SPE’s Rule Of 3

Having the know-how is only part of the picture, and in truth knowing how to rank a website, and actually be able to implement the steps required to make it happen are poles apart in terms of time, effort, and hard work. That is why SEO Melbourne have so many satisfied clients, as we back up what we say we know about ranking websites by using what we call the ‘Rule of 3’.

Rule #1 Establish The Client’s Goals

To achieve any kind of result you first need to know what the end goal is, and that is why before we so much as look at your website, we establish exactly what it is you wish to achieve by working with us. We’ll take account of your current situation, establish what your goals are, and from these set the SEO and ranking targets we are going to achieve for you.

Rule #2: Maintain An On-Going Dialogue

Whilst we might be doing the work to achieve your ranking, we appreciate you have a huge, vested interest in what we are doing, so that is why we keep an open and ongoing line of communication with you. Whilst we are a large enough agency to get the results you are looking for, SEO Melbourne is also small enough to maintain that 1 to 1 connection with clients, so with each significant step forward, you will be kept informed.

Rule #3: Achieve Our Agreed Goals

We appreciate that the results we achieve can directly have a positive impact on your business. The increased traffic, prospects, sales, and customers which SEO Melbourne can generate from our Melbourne SEO efforts mean that our success means your success too, and that’s surely a win-win if ever there was one.

SEO Versus Paid Advertising

We’ll be upfront and tell you that some businesses do not need SEO. Now, that might seem strange coming from an SEO agency, but it is true, and if there is one thing that you can be certain of, is that we will always be truthful and tell you how it is, even if what we are saying sounds counterintuitive.

In fact, there are many businesses across the world who forfeit trying to rank on the search engines and instead generate customers using other methods, with the most obvious of those being paid advertising. There are many ways in which paid advertising works online, but for local businesses in Melbourne, the most likely is going to be either Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

The analogy we most often make about either of those is that they are like the cold water tap in your kitchen. Turn it on, and the water flows, and with paid advertising, if you turn it on, traffic should flow. Bear in mind, that you will be paying Facebook or Google for that traffic for as long as you want it, but, and here is the rub, stop paying and the flow stops.

In other words, if you want to use paid advertising to bring a flow of customers to your website you need to pay for it day after day after day, ad infinitum. This will continue year after year for as long as you are in business, and it may interest you to know that ad costs have been rising at ever-increasing rates just recently

Compare that with SEO, where admittedly you will initially pay SEO Melbourne to plan and implement an SEO Melbourne strategy to get your website ranked, and that may take some time, but once it is ranked and the organic traffic that comes from Google starts, you do not have to pay Google a single dollar for that traffic. Call us today on 1300 25 25 22

seo company melbourneGetting You In Front Of Real Prospects

Here is something else to consider, especially with regards to paid advertising on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. The advertising on these platforms is what is known as interruption marketing. In other words, someone might be browsing through posts and photos on their Facebook newsfeed, or watching a video on YouTube, when your ad appears.

It could be that whatever you sell is the last thing on their mind, but your ad has been shown, you are paying for it to appear, and the person who saw it couldn’t be less interested. Multiply that by the thousands of times your ad might appear in front of people who are not even thinking about your product, let alone looking for it.

With your Melbourne SEO plan, SPE will be optimising your website to appear when someone is searching for certain keywords. That means if you sell blue widgets and someone searches for ‘blue widget sellers in Melbourne’ your website will appear at the top the results that they see in their browser.

We accept that is a very simplistic example but when our keyword research finds multiple variations of how someone might enter a search into Google, and we can optimise your website for all of them, think of how powerful that is, and more especially how closer the people that find you are to making the decision to buy.

With SEO we are not interrupting people online, instead, we are providing them with an answer to their queries, their questions, and their search for products and services. That answer is your website ranked at the top of Google and in turn your product or service.

SPE’s Strategic Approach For Achieving High Rankings

Whilst there are several core principles that relate to improving the ranking of websites on search engines, no two clients’ needs will be the same, and we totally get that. This is why those marketing agencies that take a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach inevitably achieve poor results.

Every website is different, each business has different ambitions, and the competition they each face differs too. There is also the not insignificant point that a business wanting to be seen customers in Melbourne, will need a different SEO strategy to one that wants to be seen across the entire country, or one that wants a global audience.

For these reasons at SPE we basically start with nothing set in stone when we start out with every client. First, we establish your needs, agree on our goals, and then we put into place our strategic approach as to how we are going to achieve those goals. The specifics for each client will obviously differ, however, the structure of how we implement our plan will usually work along the follow path.

  • Primary Audit: To implement your SEO goals successfully, the more we know about your current situation the better, so that is why we will carry out a comprehensive review of your website, and an audit of what, if any, SEO may already be in place. From this initial research, we are in a much better position to identify where the main problems might be, what SEO work is necessary, and adapt our plan accordingly to get you ranked.
  • Keyword Research: Knowing what your prospects are likely to search for, and what your competitors are ranking for is one of the foundations of getting your website ranked, and thus it is a vital element of our SEO work for you. At SPE we use premium research tools to establish what keywords are going to make the most significant difference in increasing the amount of search traffic that flows to your website if it ranks for them.
  • Analysing Your Competitors: You might not think it now, but having local competitors is a good thing. Why? Well, they have customers, that can soon be your customers, plus, by analysing their website, the keywords they rank for, and what, if any, SEO they have in place, we have a greater understanding of what we need to do to have your website outrank them. As the famous quote says, ‘You cannot defeat your enemies until you know them’.
  • Creating Content: One of the biggest mistakes we see on websites is a lack of content that will engage anyone who visits. Publishing excellent and ongoing keyword optimised content achieves many things such as building trust, informing, and entertaining those who consume it, but more importantly, it helps with rankings as it keeps people on your website longer. This is an indicator that Google sees as positive when calculating rankings.
  • Optimising On-Page Ranking Factors: A large number of the ranking factors that Google assesses when determining where a website will be positioned on its search results are classed as on-page. This simply means that they relate directly to your website, and as such you have total control over them. Examples include the page load time, site structure, internal links, metadata, and image optimisation. SPE knows how to optimise all of these and more.
  • Building Backlinks: If you have any existing links for external sources we will audit these, and if we find that any links are doing you more harm than good, we will disavow them. Beyond that, we execute a link building strategy that follows all the guidelines that Google have published. This is why using a reputable Melbourne SEO agency such as SPE is vital, as link building that falls foul of Google’s rules can be disastrous, and even see your website delisted.
  • Feedback, Data and Reporting: Let’s face it, the whole point of employing SPE is to see a return on your investment, and that’s why we generate regular reports so you can see exactly what that ROI is as we progress with your SEO strategy. This will include details on individual keyword rankings, traffic increases, and analytics relating to your website. We will also outline what changes we are making based on the data we have analysed.

SEO Melbourne ExpertsWhat Difference Can SPE Make To My Business?

Have you tried using an Melbourne SEO agency in the past and did not get the results you were hoping for? If so, we can understand your hesitancy in terms of wondering whether SEO really works. The fact is it does, as evidenced by those businesses who have employed a reputable SEO agency such as SPE and are now enjoying the ROI that being top of the ranking for one or more keywords can bring.

The problem with those businesses who have not seen the benefits of SEO, despite hiring others to do it for them, is unfortunately not every SEO agency approaches the work they need to do for clients the correct way.

What many will fail to do is take any account of the sector that the business operates in, its location, or its possible prospects, and so the SEO plan they produce will not be tailored to their client. Instead, it will be the identical plan that they have used (unsuccessfully) for all their previous clients, and the same they will use for the next client, and the one after that.

Every now and then, they might see some success and shout about it from the rooftops, but it will have been a case of success achieved by luck rather than by design.

At SPE Melbourne every client is regarded as unique, simply because they are. Your business is in a specific niche, operates in certain locations and the customers you will wish to attract to your website will be those searching for those products and services that you sell.

By assessing all of those, and many of the other attributes and unique elements of your business, the plan we create for your SEO will be like no other we have ever produced, simply because its designed to be successful for your business and no other. Call us today on 1300 25 25 22

Our SEO is Trusted by Top Brands

Premium Level Melbourne SEO Packages

As one of the leading SEO Companies in Melbourne, we offer PREMIUM LEVEL SEO. We are generally able to produce outstanding results for all clients on a sustained basis. Click here to view some of our client results.

SEO can generate excellent ROI over a 12 month period. The package that we recommend will usually depend on how competitive your industry is – and how wide your expected target market reach is.

We have extremely competitive pricing compared with the larger agencies.

Plan 550
Local Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a small, LOCAL BUSINESS looking to dominate rankings in a suburb or small town.
Plan 949
Small Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a small business looking to rank well across a CITY in a less competitive industry.
Plan 1485
Small Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a SMALL BUSINESS looking to rank well across a city in a COMPETITIVE industry.
Plan 2500
Medium Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a MEDIUM-SIZED business looking to rank well across a city in a COMPETITIVE industry.

All Our Melbourne Packages Include:

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Keyword Limit
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Current SEO Metric Analysis
  • Expert On-Page Optimisation
  • Hierarchical Structure Review
  • Content Optimisation
  • Full Copy Writing Services
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy (if required)
  • Social Media Posting (if required)
  • Premium Level Link Building
  • Local Business Listings & Optimisation
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Continuous Off-Page Strategy
    (to keep you on top of Google)
  • Ongoing Consulting & Advice
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Monthly Ranking Reports

Not sure where your Melbourne business fits? TALK TO US TODAY


SEO Case Study: Culshaw Miller LawyersDiscover the secrets for turning SEO into real revenue results. Our clients have achieved incredible success!

Culshaw Miller Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services
Location: Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne Australia

Culshaw Miller is part of the Hunt & Hunt Legal Group in Australia and is a leading family and commercial law firm. We were first engaged by Culshaw Miller in 2010.



SEO Agency Melbourne VICIn-House Experts, Not Outsourced Amateurs

Another huge problem that you are likely to encounter with many SEO agencies who struggle to get results, is that rather than do the work themselves, they will outsource it to others. Now do not get us wrong, there are many excellent freelance SEO consultants in the industry, however, those are not likely to be the ones that are employed.

Instead, poor SEO agencies will employ based purely on cost, and as the old adage goes, you only get what you pay for. Therefore, they find the cheapest freelancers they can find, and whilst they might do a job of sorts, it is a far cry from what is needed to fulfil a proper SEO strategy that is going to achieve the desired ROI.

At SPE, our SEO team are dedicated professionals with the experience and the skills to carry out all the tasks necessary to rank your website, not just for one or two keywords, but for several keywords. They take a genuine pride in knowing that they are helping you to build your business and playing part in creating your long term success.

Dedicated Project Manager

In addition, and to make your experience working with us even easier for you, rather than you hearing a different voice every time you call, and having to deal with multiple people, SPE will allocate you a dedicated project manager.

This project manager will be one of our team who oversees everything relating to your SEO plan, and in addition, they will be the only point of contact you ever need to ask for. When discussing your SEO before and during the implementation of your SEO strategy they will take personal responsibility for ensuring it is done correctly and effectively.

White Hat Techniques Only

Our team will also do SEO using purely white-hat tactics, so there will never be any risk of your website being in jeopardy. All our staff are fully conversant with Google’s guidelines and so any optimisation they achieve will be absolutely watertight in terms of complying with industry standards and SEO best practices.

Sadly, that’s not something we can say about every local marketing agency, with some looking for quick and short-term fixes. For these, they, or the people that they outsource your SEO to, may use black-hat methods. This may see your ranking rise briefly, but once Google catches on to what has been done, and they will, you can kiss goodbye to your ranking, and in the worst-case scenario, your website ever being ranked again.

Clear Pricing And Fees To Suit All Business Sizes

One point we have to make here is to implore you not to try to do SEO ‘on the cheap’ and think that by finding an agency that charges rock bottom prices that you have found a bargain. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, and what at first might seem to a way of saving money, might turn out to be a move that cost you a lot more than you could ever have imagined.

As we have already mentioned, at SPE, we appreciate no two businesses are the same, and that is why we have a range of different pricing plans to suit the size of the business, how competitive a marketplace that business operates in, and that each of them will have varying budgets they can allocate to their marketing.

At SPE we believe our fee structure is one of the most competitive in Melbourne, and we are sure you will agree once the work we undertake starts to bear fruit as your website moves up the rankings and starts bringing you those customers. We will always be open and clear about what our fees include, and we promise to make any quote for our services clear and transparent.

Melbourne SEO SpecialistHow SPE Delivers Highly Successful SEO Campaigns

One of the reasons SEO is so powerful when it is done effectively is that the results have longevity. That is not to say that you can sit back and not expect your competitors to react, especially those whom you have knocked off the top spot on Google. For any SEO plan to be fully effective it must include a number of key actions that when acting in conjunction with each other, add up to a highly optimised website.

At SPE we have a tried and tested formula that we know works. We know it works due to the fact that we have so many clients whose business we have applied them to, and for whom we have helped get their websites to the top of the rankings. If you want even more proof, then please check out some of the testimonials on our website from clients we have already helped. Just think, you could be joining them!

At the core of our SEO formula is our four SEO goals we have set for ourselves, over and above those that you may have for us once we start on your campaign. These four goals are:

  1. Improve Search Ranking
  2. Increase Organic Website Traffic
  3. Convert Traffic To Sales
  4. Grow Your Brand

Now it is likely that some or even all four of those were already uppermost in your mind too, as to what you would hope that our SEO services could achieve. If so, then we are already thinking along the same lines as to how we can move your business forward using the power of SEO.

As we consider each of those four goals in turn and more importantly put some meat on the bones as to how we are going to achieve them, that brings us to some of the specific SEO services which SPE provides. No doubt you may have heard of some of these, but so that you know exactly what they are and what we do here are some details.

Our SEO Services In Melbourne

For simplicity, we can split SEO into two main areas which are off-site optimisation, and on-site optimisation. With the former, we are looking at all the optimisations that can take place on your website, some of which will be visible to those who visit, and others will be implemented in the admin area of the website, which obviously visitors do not see or have access to.

As for off-page optimisation you have probably already worked out, that is the SEO work that can be done away from your website, and which takes place on other internet properties such as other websites, directories, and social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on.

On-Site SEO Services

With on-page optimisation being the one over which we have the most control over, there is lots that we can do, and it is usually the on-site work which is implemented first. Let us look at some of the specific services we carry out as part of your on-site SEO strategy.

Content Strategy

Google loves great content. Why? Well, it is because it knows that its customers, aka those who search on Google, love great content. An analogy would be you asking someone to recommend a restaurant. They give you a name, you get to the restaurant and it is dirty, the service is slow, and the food is not fit for consumption. Would you ask that person again? Probably not.

That is exactly the way Google works, so it wants the people it sends to sites via links in its search results to love what they find when they get there. What they find is the content that is on your website, so the better it is, the more chance that Google will send you increasing amounts of traffic as it can tell people are staying on your site and browsing from page to page, consuming your content.

At SPE we know which content works, and that applies to every type of content be it articles, blog posts, videos, audio, infographics, or images. For example, did you know there is an optimum number of words a written piece of content should be? Were you aware that Google cannot ‘see ‘ what an image is, so if you want them to know that your product images exist, there is a special piece of code you need to add?

These specifics as well as an overall roadmap to improve, create, optimise, and plan your content for the future, all form part of your content strategy to optimise your on-site ranking factors.

Internal Linking Strategy

It is possible you have already heard about the importance of backlinks from other websites to yours in helping to improve rankings. What is not so well known, is that creating a linking structure within your own website is highly effective and plays a very important role in enhancing any benefits external links have provided.

SPE is able to determine the optimal linking structure within your website so that it has a logical hierarchy that makes it easier for Google to determine what keyword each page is trying to rank for. If Google knows what you want a specific page to rank for, then there is a much better chance of it appearing near the top when someone searches for that keyword.

Our internal linking strategy will also enable your website to benefit from external links, as it will pass on the ranking power that they have, to other pages within your site, so rather than just one page getting a boost, they all will.

Optimising Meta Titles, Descriptions, and Other Metadata

The easiest way that we could describe what metadata is to consider it as a kind of labelling system that helps Google to identify what a website is about and what it is trying to rank for. However, as with any labelling system, unless it is accurate and complete, it is not serving its function.

This is why our experts at SPE are so crucial when it comes to ensuring that all the metadata that your website has is optimised so that there is not the slightest doubt in Google’s algorithm what you are trying to rank for. The metadata on its own does not always necessarily mean higher ranking, but it ensures that Google knows what keywords all your other optimisation are trying to rank for, and that is why it plays a huge role.

One important point is that every page within your website has metadata which needs to be accurate, so going through each one and optimising it is important. That is why SPE make it one of our top on-site optimisation tasks when we are implementing your SEO plan.

Off-Page Optimisation

With the SEO factors that we can optimise off-site, there is obviously less control over them than we do within your own website, and often that is where SEO agencies who are not up to scratch try to cut corners and dabble, for want of a better word, in some of the practices that Google have made clear they do not want to see.

Let us be quite clear that SPE will never countenance using anything other than legitimate marketing and SEO practices, and that includes when a client asks that we do. Our reputation is worth more than that, and more importantly, we are not going to damage our clients’ businesses for the sake of a quick win, that does long-term damage.

SEO AgencyOff-Page Backlinking Strategies

The idea of backlinks is one which anyone who uses the internet knows of, but for most people’s experience, it is simply a way to click from one website to another. For Google, and those of us in the SEO world, they serve a completely different function.

First, in the eyes of Google, they provide relevance to the page being linked to, based upon what text, if any, is contained within the link as it appears on the page it is linking from. In other words, it may contain text whereby the actual URL is hidden within the webpage’s code.

This might mean you seeing text which has the words ‘top search engine’ and you will usually see the text coloured blue to indicate that they link elsewhere. In this case, it would likely be to a search engine at a URL something like ‘’.

Other backlinks might simply contain the raw URL ‘’. These types of links are important to have as they reassure Google that you are not over optimising your backlinks for certain keywords. An example would be a gardening service in Melbourne having 50 backlinks that all have the text ‘Melbourne gardener’ and just one or two with the actual website URL.

This is classed as over-optimisation and once Google spots this, which they do very quickly, it means that not only will that website not rank for the keyword ‘Melbourne gardener’, but it will also be dropped down to the outer regions of the results, and if it is especially blatant, it could be de-indexed, which basically means as far as Google is concerned, it doesn’t exist.

At SPE we have the knowledge and the experience to build a portfolio of backlinks that remains well within the boundaries what Google accepts, and further than that, we can identify those web properties that have a higher authority which passes ranking power on to your website.

This is a little bit like having a free endorsement from another business which is well ranked and well respected, and when Google sees the link, it is a further indication to it that your website should move up the search engine rankings.

This process of identification and implementation of an effective backlinking strategy is one of the core foundations of SEO, and if done correctly it can transform your rankings. That is exactly what our SPE’s backlinking service can achieve for you.

Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business, or GMB as everyone normally refers to it as, is something which, incredibly, many businesses have still not yet optimised. Even worse, the vast majority of those businesses are local businesses, which are the ones that would benefit most from optimising their GMB and managing it effectively.

The reason that it needs to optimised and managed properly is that unless it is set up correctly, and every detail about your business is accurate, it does not work in your favour as much as it could. If done correctly your GMB listing is effectively your very own business directory listing on Google.

In practical terms, if you rank at the top of Google for a keyword which someone searches for, your GMB listing will appear.  This can include your address, your telephone number, your opening hours, images, and it even has your location pinned on a map. If you think about it this is the information every local business would want one of its prospects to have.

Even better, your GMB can contain reviews, and so as part of your SEO plan, SPE will be looking at ways for you to encourage customers to leave you positive reviews so that others see them when you appear in their search results.

Our Local SEO Helps You Build Your Melbourne Business

SEO can be done on several levels, but it is at the local level where it is at its most competitive. The number of local businesses in a city the size of Melbourne runs into the tens of thousands, and you will know how many hundreds or even thousands there are in your particular business sector or niche.

To get ahead of your competition you need more customers, and the source of many of them will be the internet. With SPE on your side and implementing an SEO strategy that sees your website rank higher and higher for a multitude of searches on Google, those customers numbers are certain to increase.

More customers mean more sales, more sales mean increased revenue, and increased revenue means higher profits. All of that makes the ROI that SPE can generate for you as high as you want it to be, and one which gives you the lead over your competitors, for years to come.

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