Our SEO Process

What is our SEO process?

Our SEO ProcessFor anyone thinking about undertaking SEO for their business website, one of the first questions they’re likely to ask is, ‘What is the process that we will follow?’

We can split the process into 4 distinct stages, as you will see below.

Research and analysis

Before we even attempt to improve your search engine ranking it is important that we fully understand your business, and this includes speaking to you about what you would like us to achieve for you. We appreciate that every business is different, and every business owner has their own goals and ambitions when it comes to their business in general, and specifically, their website ranking.

Once we have discussed what your goals are, we will then carry out a comprehensive fact-finding mission where we will analyse where your SEO is at present, uncover what your competitors are doing and look for opportunities for outranking those competitors. We will also seek further possibilities for improving the ranking of your website, not just in the short term, but for the long term too.

One of the most important elements of our research is keyword analysis. We will do exhaustive keyword research and pinpoint where we can get easy wins, and also assess what might be required to rank for the more difficult ones. We can access data which gives us very clear insights into thousands of keywords, all of which could be potential keywords you could rank for.

Very importantly, we will evaluate your website and how it measures up to the hundreds of SEO factors that it needs to be optimised for. This analysis will cover matters such as how effective the content is on your site, the meta tags, your backlink profile and the structure of your website in terms of how it might be improved for SEO purposes. View our: SEO Case Studies

“Professional team of SEO professionals. Great reporting, SEO processes and engagement from their SEO team. The continuing support that we receive has convinced us that signing the original SEO marketing agreement with them has been one of the best decisions we have made to keep an edge over our competition.”

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Once we have completed all the necessary research and analysis, it will be time for us to put together the overall strategy we are going to follow for the search engine optimisation of your website. This will be broken down into specific functions, such as our content creation, link building, grading the importance of specific keywords, and from that determining which keywords we are going to try to rank for first. We will also look at the evaluation we did for your website and create a plan to ensure that everything that can be possibly optimised is targeted.

The strategy we create and the specifics within it will include a broad range of actions, many of which will be done within your website (on-page optimisation), and there will be some that are done externally (off-page optimisation). Internally, this may be as simple as plans to change some meta descriptions, or a more advanced plan relating to the internal linking structure. We will also produce a content creation plan so that your website is seen by the search engines as somewhere they can send visitors who are looking for quality information.

External planning will relate to matters such as identifying high authority sites and creating an out-reach campaign to requests backlinks from them via guest posts and other strategies. Other external SEO matters we may include in our plan are social media, reputation management and branding activities. Talk to us today

Once we have agreed on our strategy and created a plan, we will take the actions necessary to implement those plans.

One of the first places we will start, simply because we will have direct access to it, is your website. Not only that, many of the changes we can make to your website, are simple to implement, and they can often have a quick and positive impact on rankings. If we have agreed that your website needs a major overhaul, then obviously that is going to take some time, especially if the current design is one which will hamper, rather than help the cause.

While the design might be considered ‘visible’ work, there are many actions we can take behind the scenes to implement our SEO strategy plan. These include optimising all your website meta tags, creating and scheduling for publication, new, quality content, building your website’s internal linking structure, optimising keyword density throughout your existing content, and tagging images, to name but a few.

The implementation that takes place externally will relate mostly to building backlinks, but it is important to note that getting a quality backlinks from relevant, high authority sites is more effective than simply setting up hundreds of backlinks from any random websites. In other words, we will be focussing on a backlinking strategy that Google will recognise as being legitimate, rather than spammy, which would do nothing more than sending your website’s ranking downwards.

If you have requested that we implement a strategy for social media, then we will certainly do that for you too. This will include making regular posts to your social media accounts and ensuring that we do so in a way that keeps your fans and followers fully engaged. Get a free website audit

SEO isn’t a one-off event, but is more of a process of continual improvement where you look for small but consistent, positive progress. By ensuring that we comprehensively monitor, test and adapt what we are doing we can ensure that ultimately, we get the results you are looking for.

One important aspect of our service is that every client has their own dedicated project manager. This ensures that throughout our process, and at every stage of it, you have someone overseeing all the SEO work we are doing for you and reporting back to you with the progress we are making. Your project manager also gives you a single point of contact, which is always easier than dealing with 4 or 5 different people, plus they can ensure each stage of the process, as agreed with you, is being implemented and completed. Get a free website audit

Our SEO Goals:

1. Improve search rankings
2. Increase organic website traffic
3. Convert traffic to sales
4. Grow your brand

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