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SEO Case Study - HL SydneyOur SEO Sydney Team in New South Wales are experienced in solving complex challenges with strategic SEO solutions.

Our highly professional approach to Sydney SEO is aimed at providing our clients with an unmatched Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Our goals are always long term. To build long term, mutually beneficial client relationships. Long term success for our clients. Long term ROI.

We’re not looking for quick client signups. SEO Sydney should be approached as a long term, ongoing process. Our focus is always on long-term accountability.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is by far the most cost effective, long term digital marketing strategy for your business, if it’s done correctly.

Our methodical approach to Sydney SEO will increase your website traffic with a long term, cost effective strategy.

Your goal when planning a website should always be to rank high in the organic results of a search engine so that your website can easily be found by your potential customers.

“SEO Perth Experts have handled our SEO work since January 2018. We have been very happy with the professional services that have been provided to us. Would highly recommend this SEO company.”

Jason Elboz, Director
Space Landscape Designs
Sydney NSW


SEO Company Sydney

Sydney SEO Packages to suit your business Goals And Budget.

The SEO Sydney team of professionals have many years experience in the SEO industry and hold an enviable track record when it comes to the long term ranking success of their clients.

When evaluating the need for the best strategy for your business you need to ask yourself this question – Can my customers find our website?

Our website marketing services deliver top search engine placements that will put you ahead of your competition.

What Does SEO in Sydney Involve?

SEO is a process which involves a number of different steps. When you work with us at SEO Sydney, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we will follow all the best practices and guidelines to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Why choose us?

  • We specialize in creating superior ROI
  • We focus on developing long term, ongoing relationships.
  • We have over 20 years of online experience.
  • We provide premium customer service.
  • We deliver quality solutions of the highest standards.
  • We are dedicated SEO experts. Our SEO services are not just an ‘add-on’.

Our SEO Procedure for new clients Is As Follows:

First, we will undertake a complete SEO Sydney audit of your website. This allows us to identify problems with your site, to prioritise our action, and to work through all of the major problems in an efficient manner.

The on-page optimisation campaign will then commence following the SEO audit. This includes tasks such as a keyword analysis, setting meta titles, fixing any poorly formatted code, adding keywords where appropriate and ensuring the correct headings are in place – among many other items.

Once the on-page optimisation is complete, we embark on the off-page optimisation campaign – otherwise known as link building. This is done on a continuous basis throughout the life of the SEO Sydney campaign.

SPE SEO Sydney
Level 33 Australia Square
Suite 80, 264 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Our SEO Sydney is Trusted by Top Brands

Premium Level Sydney SEO Packages

As one of the leading SEO Companies in Sydney, we offer PREMIUM LEVEL SEO. We are generally able to produce outstanding results for all clients on a sustained basis.

SEO can generate excellent ROI over a 12 month period. The package that we recommend will usually depend on how competitive your industry is – and how wide your expected target market reach is.

We have extremely competitive pricing compared with the larger agencies.

All Our SEO Sydney Packages Include:

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Keyword Limit
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Current SEO Metric Analysis
  • Expert On-Page Optimisation
  • Hierarchical Structure Review
  • Content Optimisation
  • Full Copy Writing Services
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy (if required)
  • Social Media Posting (if required)
  • Premium Level Link Building
  • Local Business Listings & Optimisation
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Continuous Off-Page Strategy
    (to keep you on top of Google)
  • Ongoing Consulting & Advice
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Monthly Ranking Reports

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Sydney Content Marketing SEOComparing Paid Advertising With SEO Sydney

If you are considering SEO for your business in Sydney, it is also likely that you have considered other forms of marketing, and one which is extremely prominent right now, is online paid advertising.  This is used by many businesses all over the globe, with the two dominant players in the online advertising arena being Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Of these, Facebook Ads is the more recent, and there is no shortage of marketing agencies who will try to encourage local businesses to give them the chance to set up and run Facebook ads for them. Now, we are not here to make sweeping criticisms of paid advertising as it has been successful for many businesses, however, it does have some downsides, compared to SEO.

Firstly, with it being a paid form of advertising, it means that in order for you to generate any traffic from paid advertising, you have to constantly pay the ad companies, every week or month that you want your ads to run. For many businesses, this can stretch their marketing budget to the limit, and even to the point where they can no longer justify, or even afford to keep the ads running.

The second issue with some paid advertising is that while you might be able to target certain locations and demographics with your ads, It will be seen by many people who are not looking for your product, especially with Facebook Ads. Ads appear as they are browsing their timeline are merely interrupting them. Compare that with SEO where you appear in results for a search that the person has made.

Now it could be said that with Google Ads that principle applies, and it does but the point to remember is that Google only shows 2 or 3 ads, compared to 10 organic results. These ads are often rotated so you do not always show, and you often have to bid a high amount in order to compete for some of the more competitive keyword searches. 

Targeting Your Audience

We mentioned just now about one of the issues with paid advertising regarding being seen by the correct audience, and how often a lot of advertising dollars are wasted by ads being shown to and even clicked by people online who are not interested in, or are at best, vaguely interested in, your product or service.

This unwanted scenario is going to happen every single day, which basically means that a large proportion of the money you might be paying to Google, Facebook or any other ad platform is never going to provide you any return on that investment.

By comparison, with SPE undertaking your SEO, one of the key parts of the work we do for you is identifying the searches that those who are interested in your product or service are likely to search for on Google. That means that once we have fully optimised your website for those search terms, it will be appearing in front of those who want or need what you are offering, at that point in time.

Sydney SEO SpecialistOur Rule Of 3

SPE’s years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to SEO and ranking the websites of local businesses, means that we have developed several strategies and processes that give us, and our clients, the edge over our respective competitors.

One of those strategies is our ‘Rule Of 3’ which is a simple, but highly effective framework upon which we seek to apply every specific step that we take in fulfilling our obligation to our clients. The three rules are:

  • Rule #1: Establish The Goals Of Clients

There is an old saying that goes, ‘Without a target, you will hit nothing.’, and that is why we place so much importance on establishing our clients’ goals at the very early stages of our working relationship. Knowing what you want to achieve with your business gives us a much clearer vision in terms of the SEO work required to achieve the rankings that will help you fulfill those business goals.

  • Rule #2: Maintain Full And Effective Communication

SPE will be working hard to achieve the rankings and other goals we have been set, but it is not a case of us hiding away in some SEO bunker and never saying a word to you throughout. Instead we maintain a full and reasonable dialogue with you with regards to our progress and as we set up a single point of communication for you, that dialogue is far more effective in keeping you updated.

  • Rule #3: Meeting All Our Targets and Goals

There is no getting away from the fact that SPE operates in a very competitive sector, and that is why we take great pride in being able to hit the targets our clients set for us. Of course, we know the more successful we are the better it is for us in terms of referrals, but most importantly we know that we are directly and positively impacting your business too, and that drives us on constantly.

Why SPE’s SEO Campaigns Are Successful

We mentioned in our comparison between paid advertising and SEO that, with paid ads, you have to pay for an ad to be seen, but another downside is that they are done and gone. In other words, the benefit is short-term, compared with the longevity that SEO provided by SPE can offer.

Now, we are not suggesting that SEO is something which you simply set and forget, as no doubt once your competitors in Sydney see you outranking across a whole range of keywords, they are going to react. However, Google’s ranking algorithm is not something that makes fast and multiple changes, therefore the hard work we do getting you to the top of the ranking will bear fruit for some time, as we do it correctly.

Another reason for this longevity is the way in which a proper SEO campaign is implemented by us. We know the key actions which we need to take, and that does not mean taking a load of shortcuts that will never last and may not even work in the first place.

Instead, we have a formula that has stood the test of time, given that we have clients whom we have helped rank some time ago, and we have been able to help them keep that ranking. Obviously, you do not want to simply take our word for that, so we invite you to check out the many testimonials from previous and existing g clients that we have on our website.

As for that formula we mentioned, it basically consists of us setting ourselves 4 crucial goals which, if we achieve them all, gets as close to us guaranteeing we can help any client who asks us to. Of course, hitting some of the goals does require input from your business, such as being able to convert the traffic to sales by having great products and services. Our four core goals are:

  • Improve Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Search Engine Traffic To Your Website
  • Higher Conversions Of Traffic To Sales
  • Enhance Your Brand

We would hope that some of those goals are close to some of the ones you may already have has in mind with regards to hiring SPE as your SEO agency. If that is the case it bodes well for our working relationship given that we will both be seeking positive outcomes thanks to SEO.

Of course, having goals is of no use whatsoever, if we do not have the means to achieve them, which is the point at which SPE would point you towards the SEO services which we provide in our quest to actually achieving those goals. Many of them are outlined below, but if you have any questions, or you have a query about a marketing service not mentioned, then please get in touch to discuss them.


SEO Client: Harrisons Landscaping, SydneyDiscover the secrets for turning SEO into real revenue results. Our clients have achieved incredible success!

Client: Harrison’s Landscaping

Industry: Landscaping, Landscape Design
Location: Sydney, NSW

Harrison’s Landscaping is an award winning landscape design and construction company and a leader in the Sydney landscaping industry for over 10 years.

The Results: An absolute dominance of Google’s search results for the highly competitive keywords in the landscaping and landscape design industry in Sydney.

What our client says:
“I can vouch for the quality of the service. Peter and I have worked together for nearly 10 years and I’ve always been really happy with the results. You’re in safe hands.”

Josh Harrison, Managing Director
Harrison’s Landscaping / The Balcony Garden
Sydney, NSW



SEO Conversion Optimisation SydneySPE’s Local SEO Services In Sydney

If you were not already aware, we should point out that SEO is not just a single service or event. It is instead a series of services that combine to generate the desired result. For a simple analogy, you could compare it to all the components that are used to build a car, with each one being vital and relying very much on the others to create the completed product.

That principle applies also to the work that SPE would be doing for you with us implementing a number of our marketing and SEO services in order to produce the desired outcome.

Those services are usually split into two very distinct types, or to be more accurate, they are identified in terms of where the SEO service actually takes place. There are two distinctions with the first being on-site optimisation, which is clearly the SEO that we do to your website. The second is off-site optimisation where we carry out tasks on site which are run and owned by others.

On-Site SEO Optimisation

These SEO services are the ones which we have the most influence over for the simple reason that they all occur on your own website. This means we do not need permission from other website owners and can implement these services relatively unhindered by time constraints.

Content Planning, Creation, and Optimisation

The reason that there is going to be such a large focus by us on your content strategy is that it is vital to many aspects of your SEO and beyond. For a start, Google is a huge fan of excellent content so the better the content there is on your website, the more chance there is of them ranking you highly in the search results.

Beyond that, visitors to your website also want to find great content. This could be to learn something, to find the answer to a query they have, or to simply immerse themselves in interesting content that they enjoy watching or reading. The better it is, the more highly they will regard your website, your business, your brand, and thus be more likely to purchase your products or services.

Content also plays a role in your ranking score as Google can measure how long anyone they send to your website remains there. Excellent content means they will stay whereas poor content means they will leave quickly, Both of those indicators are seen by Google who adjusts your ranking up or down accordingly.

SPE knows how to create great content, we know how to make it content which visitors will enjoy, and we know how to optimise it for more SEO factors such as keyword density, We can also set up a content diary so that just the right amount of content is added in a timely manner to show Google that yours is a website where new content is constantly being added, which is another positive factor towards rankings.

Internal Linking Optimisation

We will discuss backlinking in more detail when we look at off-site SEO, however, we can also use internal linking as part of our on-site SEO plan too. We can optimise the links we create within your website so that when Google, and the other search engines, send out their respective bots and spiders to check it, there is a structure and a hierarchy that make sense.

This means that the search engines will recognise what each page within your website is about, and more importantly, what keywords it is trying to rank for. This means when a search is made for that keyword, or keyword phrase, the web page we have it optimised for will have already been identified by Google as one it should rank, assuming all other SEO factors point to that too.

A properly created internal linking structure implemented by SPE also helps the power that your website gains from being linked by other websites be distributed across multiple pages within your site, rather than just one single page. This helps you rank for multiple keyword phrases, rather than just one or two.

Optimised Metadata

This brings us to some of the more technical SEO optimisation techniques that SPE can carry out for you, a lot of which takes place behind the curtain as it were, in admin areas of your website. Primary amongst them is ensuring that every piece of metadata within your website is accurate and optimised.

You should look upon metadata as signposts most of which only search engine spiders can read, but some can also be seen when someone visits your website. This metadata gives the search engines a further indication of what every single page in your website is optimised for and helps to ensure that that the search engines, especially Google, rank it accordingly.

However, the boost to ranking can only happen if all the correct metadata is in place, and vitally, that it is accurate. Our team will go through your entire website ensuring that the hundreds of pieces of metadata are accurate and fully optimised.

Off-Site Optimisation

As this is SEO which occurs away from your own website, it is often perceived as being more difficult, and that is why some unscrupulous agencies will try to take short cuts, or even worse, try to manipulate rankings by indulging in SEO activities which Google and other search engines find unacceptable.

SPE is fully conversant with Google’s policies, and more to the point, we are 100% compliment with them at all times, meaning that we protect our reputation, and that of all our clients too. In particular, any backlinking strategy which we implement will be totally legitimate.

Backlinking Strategies

Backlinks play a number of roles in helping your website to rank and that is why SPE place such a strong emphasis on ensuring that any backlinking strategy we undertake for our clients is the best it can be.

Backlinks are a means for deriving ranking power from other websites, and they also serve to help Google further recognise the relevance of the pages on your website, and your website as a whole, for specific search terms.

However, this is a case where quality is more important than quantity so rather than going out and linking as many websites to your as we can, SPE instead look for those which can pass on the most benefit in terms of moving you up the search engine rankings.

Optimising Your Google My Business Listing

One of the most underrated, and misused aspects of SEO is the Google My Business (GMB) entry, especially for local businesses in Sydney. With this, you can have details of your business such as opening times, contact details, and other information, appear when searches are made which you rank highly for.

Imagine the advantages that these bring, such as making it easier for people to get in touch with you. Even better is the fact that you can display reviews in your GMB, meaning potential customers get to see how well others regard your products and services.

The key to making your GMB work for you in the most effective way is to ensure that every single entry and detail is accurate and consistent. SPE can ensure that your GMB is fully optimised in this way, and also that all your entries on other citation sites and directories are accurate and consistent too, which helps ranking when Google checks them.

Your Own Dedicated SEO Manager

When you employ SPE for your marketing, and SEO in particular, you are accessing the skills and experience of our team, who are each expert in one or more of the specific SEO services which we use to improve rankings. if there are warning bells going off in your mind as you think that means you are going to have to communicate with a dozen or more different people, then rest easy.

Every properly executed SEO plan needs someone to lead it, and at SPE that means that every client we work for only ever has to communicate with that one person. Your dedicated project manager will be the person who oversees your SEO plan, and as such, they will be responsible for ensuring its success and will be your single point of communication should you ever need to contact us.

Why SPE’s SEO Service Is Perfect For Local Businesses In Sydney

It will not have escaped your notice that Sydney is a big city. It has more than 5 million residents, which is the equivalent of a country like Scotland, and recent data indicates there are no fewer than 75,000 businesses operating in the city. The positive from those numbers is it means there are plenty of customers that you can market to, but on the flip side of the coin, there is also a lot of competition for those customers too.

Unlike some other marketing agencies, SPE actually welcomes the fact that our clients have competitors. First, it shows us that the industry or business sector you are in is thriving. Second, for those competitors who are ranking, it gives us data and information that we can utilise to help you rank higher. Third, and this is our favourite, it gives us a huge thrill to take on the challenges your competitors pose and to overcome them.

By overcoming them, we get your business ranking higher for the sorts of search terms local residents in Sydney might enter on Google. It could be searches for services like ‘dentist’, ‘gardener’, divorce lawyer’, or ‘accountant’, or it could be products like ‘garden tools’, ‘running shoes’, ‘office stationery’ or ‘quality wine’.

Whether these, or any of the thousands of other possibilities, all of them with Sydney, or any other local area included in the search, if your business is looking for customers in those areas, we can get you ranking for them, and in front of those customers as they search on Google.

That is one of the beauties of doing SEO locally, as you are not competing with global companies with multi-billion dollar marketing budgets. Instead, you are competing with local businesses, where the key is not so much who has the most money to spend, but which business has the best optimised web properties for searches on Google, which is where SPE can come in to make the answer to that question, your business.

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We want you to be 100% happy before, during, and after your time working with SPE, and so we are delighted to offer you a free, no-obligation consultation before we start. Here we can listen to what your needs are and then discuss in more detail how we can help take your business forward using our SEO services. Simply fill out the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please view our frequently asked questions

Yes, we are. SPE is 100% Australian owned and operated. We service clients in Sydney as well as all other Australian cities and regions – as well as internationally. Our staff are highly skilled SEO technicians, copy writers and SEO developers.

No. We have been working online since 1998 and have a highly experienced and loyal team.

There are a large number of variables involved with the cost that you may pay to be successful with Sydney SEO. These include: Are you in a highly competitive industry? (… the more people trying to get ranked high in Google’s search results for the same keywords, the harder it will be to be successful). Where is your audience? Is your target audience local ie: your local suburb, your local city or is it right across your state – or indeed national? The larger the target audience, the more potential market you will reach. This will need an increasingly higher SEO budget.

The cost of SEO by SEO Sydney depends on your business. Primarily, how much work is involved in the SEO process given the competition in your specific industry. The free Sydney SEO audit of your website will tell us what we need to do to deliver the results you want. For a quote, call us or email and we can work out what you need. We have extremely competitive pricing.

SEO Sydney will endeavor to make the process of SEO as clear to you as possible. While doing that, SEO Sydney are working to save you money. If you are serious about SEO and gaining your share of the market SEO Sydney is the company you need. Our SEO experts are professional and highly experienced to manage your SEO campaign.

Not if you don’t want a contract. While contracts can show a commitment by both sides, we also want you to be comfortable with our SEO process. Our success stories ensure that we are comfortable enough offering our SEO services without a long-term agreement.

Let’s do great work together.

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