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With on-page optimisation you have much greater control, for the simple reason that you own the website. This provides for greater flexibility with respect to the SEO services that we can perform on your website, but nevertheless, each of them must, and will, conform with the standards and rules which Google sets out.

This sets SEO Perth Experts further apart from some agencies who might try to cut corners and as such compromise the longer-term rankings of the client’s website in the hope that they can secure short-term results. Remember, Google can detect when black hat SEO is being implemented, so anything which tries to game their system in an underhand way is putting a website at risk of being delisted from the search engines completely.

On-Page SEO might be somewhat easier to implement as it is done on a website we have complete access to, but that does not give us a green light to actions which neither provide long-term results and which could jeopardise a website completely. We have the skills, ability, and experience to rank your website the correct way, and in a way that Google welcomes, rather than seeks to punish. Below are some of those individual on-page SEO services which we offer.

Optimisation Of Metadata

We have been mentioning Google a lot with respect to ranking factors, and a group of optimisations which helps Google to identify what a website is trying to rank for is its metadata. Metadata is the word used to describe specific elements of a website’s coding and it acts as a form of signposting throughout that website, with some metadata hidden from view, and other metadata visible to anyone who visits the site.

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On-Page SEO includes everything we do on your actual website to improve your SEO organic rankings. Before we go into specific details about On-Page SEO, it is important to appreciate why it is important, particularly in relation to your ranking on Google. Perhaps the biggest goal that Google has is it wants the results it produces when someone types in a search to be as relevant to that search as possible. If they are, that person will continue to use Google. If not, Google loses a ‘customer’, and its reputation as a search engine goes down.

With this in mind, Google strives to learn what every website it visits is about. In other words, it wants to know what search terms that site should be ranked for. If a website has been fully optimised throughout, then it is going to be much easier for Google to recognise that, and therefore that website stands a much greater chance of being ranked than a website where the On-Page SEO is poor.

This brings us to those specifics about on-page SEO that we alluded to above, and what actions can be taken to ensure a website is optimised effectively. We should state that the first action you should take is to have an SEO audit done on your website. Trying to optimise your on-page SEO without an SEO audit is akin to taking your car into the garage to be repaired and not telling the mechanic what is wrong with it.

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Business owners often wonder where most SEO activities take place. Is it on the website or off the website? Whilst much of the SEO work undertaken to improve a website’s Google rankings happen away from the website, such as external link building, internal linking and social citations, a lot is done on the actual website itself. Whilst off-page optimisation is extremely important and very influential if done correctly, the on-page SEO activity is also vital to a website’s ranking – especially in competitive industries.

If you were wondering what the most important on-page factor is, then who better to ask than Google itself? They are quite clear that the content on a website is the number one element when it comes to rankings. This makes sense when you understand why Google exists and, more importantly, how they continue to thrive.

Google live or die depending on whether the people using their search engine are satisfied or not by the results that Google display for any given search term. If the list of websites that appear for any given search term are sites that the user can then visit and find both relevant and interesting content, that user is happy with Google’s service and likely to use them again.

Alternatively, if Google were to show websites where the content is only vaguely relevant and, more importantly, of poor quality and of little value, the user would become dissatisfied and stops using Google to search.

This might seem very basic and obvious, but it is in effect the basis upon which one of the world’s biggest and most successful online companies exists. This means that all the testing, programming, data analysis, and update releases from Google are all simply to try and make the results it produces the best they possibly can be for its users.

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