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Content Marketing PerthOne of the most misunderstood elements of online business, and the drive to improve search engine rankings, is content marketing. If done correctly it can have a huge and positive influence on how well a website ranks, however, many business owners spend a lot of effort creating and publishing content to their website and then wonder they are still stuck on page 5 of Google.

There are several errors that businesses taking a DIY approach to their content marketing make. The first is that they do not really know what its purpose is and therefore they publish random articles in the hope that Google will somehow spot it and boost their ranking. The fact is that every piece of content you publish, either on your website, or on another, such as a social media post, must be written with a specific purpose in mind.

The second error business owners make is they think that quantity is more important than quality, and so they go out and find the cheapest freelance writer they can and pay them $2 per article for 20 articles. They then post these articles one after another and soon discover that any visitors who visit their website click away within seconds.

The reason that happens is because there is nothing of any value on the website that would encourage visitors to stay so they click back to Google and try to find a website whose content is worth reading. View our: SEO Case Studies

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One point to note is that following a search, Google can measure how long someone who visits a website remains there. Lots of visitors clicking away quickly (bouncing) is a red flag telling Google that the website is one people do not like, and that is a sure-fire trigger for them to rank that website lower.

The third aspect of content marketing that many business owners either get wrong, or more likely, are unaware of, is that there are many SEO actions that need to be applied to content, especially when it is being posted on their website.  Most of these are to ensure that the content is fully optimised so that the search engines can find it, determine its relevancy, and most importantly which keywords apply to it.

By optimising content in the correct way, we maximise the potential for it to appear higher in the search engine rankings and that can apply to multiple search terms. The higher up in the rankings your content appears for those searches, the more visitors your website is going to receive.

Our content marketing services cover all three of the areas we have discussed above and more.

Planning: Before so much as single word is written we would obviously create and agree on a content marketing plan with you. We appreciate that every business niche is different, and therefore there will be variations in the types of content that work best for that audience.

Creation: Once the plan is agreed we would then determine what content assets we need to create. This can include but is not limited to blog posts, articles, and infographics. Whichever specific type of content we are creating it will be written by our skilled copy writing team which knows exactly what it takes to create high-quality content that is guaranteed to keep the interest of anyone who reads it.

Keyword Research: To make any piece of content optimised for SEO we will have carried out extensive keyword research and identified which keywords to use in each one. Our use of keywords will be strategic and will follow Google’s guidelines to ensure it helps, rather hinders your ranking, which is what happens when poor writers stuff content so full of keywords they are barely readable. When anyone reads our content, they will not even realise the keywords are there such is the skill with which our team writes.

Optimisation: Well written content, that has a specific purpose, and an appropriate ratio of keywords can help your search engine rankings but will do even more to encourage Google to send its ranking higher. This when we apply our knowledge and experience of SEO to any page your content appears on to make it even more effective. This involves ensuring some of the more technical elements of SEO such as meta description, meta-tags and alt-tags are fully optimised.

Reporting: We will keep you updated via our reporting process, which will allow you to see the progress being made, and, how our content marketing strategy is helping you to outrank your competitors. This will include insight data which allow you and us to analyse our results and make any revisions as appropriate.

Dedicated Project Manager: Throughout all stages of SEO Perth Experts implementing your content marketing plan, you will have a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact, and whose responsibility will be to oversee the entire project from start to finish, and most importantly ensuring it is the delivering the expected results.

For more details on our content marketing services, or if you wish to talk with us about how content marketing can benefit your business please contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

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