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What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO includes everything we do on your actual website to improve your SEO organic rankings. Before we go into specific details about On-Page SEO, it is important to appreciate why it is important, particularly in relation to your ranking on Google. Perhaps the biggest goal that Google has is it wants the results it produces when someone types in a search to be as relevant to that search as possible. If they are, that person will continue to use Google. If not, Google loses a ‘customer’, and its reputation as a search engine goes down.

With this in mind, Google strives to learn what every website it visits is about. In other words, it wants to know what search terms that site should be ranked for. If a website has been fully optimised throughout, then it is going to be much easier for Google to recognise that, and therefore that website stands a much greater chance of being ranked than a website where the On-Page SEO is poor.

This brings us to those specifics about on-page SEO that we alluded to above, and what actions can be taken to ensure a website is optimised effectively. We should state that the first action you should take is to have an SEO audit done on your website. Trying to optimise your on-page SEO without an SEO audit is akin to taking your car into the garage to be repaired and not telling the mechanic what is wrong with it.

An SEO audit will reveal a vast amount of information and data, that will identify all the on-page factors that are either optimised, need to be optimised, or completely missing from your website and need to be implemented. From this, a comprehensive strategy can be created, with specific plans for each aspect of your website’s on-page SEO. This enables the on-page SEO to be implemented and completed in a systematic and effective way, which is surely better than a random, and haphazard approach. Talk to us today

Within your SEO audit, and the plans that are created from it, there will be references to certain important functions within your website. One of the key ones is going to be some technical elements that relate to some of the codings that operate in the background. Optimising these it can produce several benefits, such as your pages loading quicker, your website being easier for Google to crawl, structuring the data more effectively, and it can remove dead links which exist within your website.

Next, comes keywords which as you probably know play a huge role in website rankings. What good on-page SEO looks like is having all those keywords in the correct places. These include page titles, meta descriptions, page URLs, page titles, header tags such as H1 and H2, and of course within your content. That content can include media such as images, so using relevant alt text forms part of your on-page SEO too.

While we are on the subject of content, a good on-page SEO strategy done by a top-quality SEO agency also involves adding quality content as regularly as you can and making that content so good that visitors will want to return. This does not go unnoticed by Google and helps further towards improving your ranking.

Finally, we have the internal linking structure within your website. This can often be dismissed by some website owners who focus only on getting external links. This is a big mistake as Google certainly identifies the links within a website, and the ‘link juice’ which passes along each one helps boost the page it links to.

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