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SEO Services PerthWe have been providing professional SEO services for more than 20 years.

One thing you will soon come to realise if you compare SEO companies is that while there may be some core services which they all offer, there can also significant differences in the number and type of SEO services available to you. Unfortunately, many SEO companies assume that other business owners know what these SEO services are, and that is doing their potential clients a huge disservice.

We prefer to be totally upfront and let our potential clients know exactly what SEO services we can offer, explain how these services can impact positively on their business, and instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach, which many SEO companies take, we tailor our SEO services to suit each individual business.

By doing so, if you become our client we will have discussed and agreed upon the package of SEO services we are going to provide for you, and most importantly, you’ll know what to expect from us in terms of results when we implement your SEO plan.

Before we can start, it is vital for you to know what SPE can do specifically for you. With that aim in mind, we have outlined our SEO services below, with brief explanations as to what benefits each of them can bring to your business.

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Before we go into some of the detail, we must mention that, regardless of which specific SEO services you employ us for, you will have a dedicated SEO project manager assigned to you. This means that at all times one of our expert staff will be overseeing our agreed SEO plan to ensure that it is being followed and fulfilled properly. It also gives you a single point of contact to discuss any aspect of your SEO package whenever you need to.

In order to create an SEO plan for your business, we need to assess its current status and that is what our SEO audit will do. We carry out a full analysis using industry best practices, which will include comprehensive competitor analysis, website structure analysis, Google penalty checks, current backlinking audit, and an assessment of on-page and off-page factors.

Link building can play a huge role in improving where your business appears in the search engines, but it must be done correctly. Sadly, many business owners have tried to do this themselves and ended up with lots of poor, spammy links, which not only harms their website’s ranking, it can even cause a website to be removed from search results completely.

Our link building starts with comprehensive keyword research. Then, by creating great content, and through knowing how and where to let other website owners know about that content, we can start building high-quality links from their websites to yours. Talk to us today

With social media’s ever-increasing influence online, any business that doesn’t have an effective social media presence is losing out to its competitors who do. Our social media service will create a strategy that bests suits the type of business you have, and then we will implement that strategy to grow follower numbers and communities around your brand.

Keeping the good reputation of a business online can be more difficult than many business owners think. All it takes is for a few unhappy customers, a disgruntled ex-employee, or even an unscrupulous competitor posting negative comments and reviews online, for your brand to be tarnished. With reviews, playing a greater role in search engine ranking, if your reputation is diminishing then it is almost certain that your ranking will too, with the worry of the detrimental impact that has on your sales, to follow.

Our online reputation management services can help your business maintain the good reputation it has, enhance it, and protect it. If, unfortunately, your business’s online reputation has already been negatively impacted, we can implement an action plan that will remove damaging attacks to your reputation and restore your company’s good name.

When discussing SEO with others, you may have heard the phrase, ‘Content is King’, and the reason for that is that Google loves sending people to websites where they will find content that provides high-quality, useful information. Many business owners think that to benefit from this all they need do is publish lots of articles and blog posts. If only it was that easy!

For your content to work for you it needs to be written, not only for the benefit of the reader, but it also needs to be SEO friendly too. To make that happen for you, our content optimisation service will include keyword research, create and publish high-quality content, and optimise specific elements of that content to maximise its impact on your search engine rankings.

Whilst many of our SEO services will generate ever increasing traffic to your website, there would no point to that if, when visitors arrived, they were not converted into buyers of your products and services. Our content optimisation service will give visitors a great impression of your business, spark their interest and prompt them to keep coming back, but we need to take it a stage further if we are to convince them to take action such as making a purchase.

This is where our copy writing services come to the fore, and we integrate the words and phrases that convert visitors to your website into customers for your business. Copy writing is a highly specialized skill that can cover specific content such as sales pages, email capture pages, product pages and more.

eCommerce websites are often erroneously believed to not be suitable for SEO, but the simple truth is they are. With 40% of their traffic coming from search engines, there is an opportunity to gain a huge competitive advantage by implementing an SEO strategy for an eCommerce website.

Our eCommerce SEO services are every bit as comprehensive as our SEO for our local and national clients and with many eCommerce businesses selling worldwide, the potential to increase sales by improving search engine ranking is colossal.

If you would like more information on any of our SEO services or to discuss how our SEO services can help your business grow, please get in touch. Get a free website audit

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