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What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO PerthIf you have an online eCommerce store, you should consider eCommerce SEO.

SEO Perth Experts are highly experienced at optimising eCommerce websites. Whether you wish to target your customers locally, nationally or internationally – we can help you devise a strategy.

Many business owners who operate eCommerce websites or stores which sell multiple products are unaware that SEO can be implemented every bit as effectively for their site, as it can to a single product website. After all, there is nothing in Google’s guidelines that say an eCommerce site can’t be ranked at #1 on their search engine results.

The fact that research shows almost 40% of all traffic to eCommerce websites comes from the search engines should be a wake-up call to those who have not yet implemented an SEO strategy. Doing so can improve the ranking of their eCommerce site, with the obvious benefit being an increased number of visitors, many of whom will be there to spend money.

One of the most exciting developments for eCommerce SEO in recent years has been Google’s ability to identify those doing general research, and those who enter search terms that have the intention to buy. Imagine if your eCommerce website was optimized for the latter group, and the difference it could make to your revenue and profits. View our: SEO Case Studies

“SEO Perth Experts have been instrumental in growing our ecommerce business, All Things Nice. We started out with no rankings and traffic and quickly grew by being on the first page in the top positions for lots of our target keywords. I highly recommend SEO Perth Experts.”

Emma, Director
All Things Nice –

Obviously, there is a process to be followed in order to get an eCommerce website which has no SEO history or has had poor SEO done previously, and one which is constantly ranking high for a whole series of buyer search terms, so let’s look at them in some detail.

SEO Audit: In order to get where you want to go, you need to know where you are, and that is what an SEO audit does in respect of how your eCommerce website is performing. It will show what, and where, the issues are. It can also identify opportunities in terms of what your competition is doing and highlight easy changes we can make to your website that will have an immediate and positive impact on your eCommerce website’s SEO.

Keyword Research: In order to optimize your eCommerce website, we need to know what keywords we are specifically going to target. This research will let us see what keywords are easy to rank for, and others which are going to take a bit of effort. It will also highlight some keywords which you may have previously overlooked, especially long-tail keywords which cumulatively can bring lots of traffic to your website.

Keyword Deployment: This is where the rubber hits the road, and we take the keywords identified in our research and deploy them on your website. This can take many forms but some of the more common ones are meta descriptions, page titles, product descriptions, and image alt texts. That last one is especially effective given that most eCommerce sites have lots of images, but very few of them use alt text in them.

Website Optimisation: This will see us carry out many of the optimisation strategies and actions that would be part of any normal website SEO campaign. Improving metadata and enhancing the internal linking structure are just two of the many actions we can take.

Optimising Product Pages: Although we will be optimising your entire website, an important aspect of that is looking at every individual product page and optimising it too. This is where many of your long-tail keywords will be used for specific brands, products and model variations. An example is optimising a page selling blue plastic cake spatulas for ‘blue plastic cake spatula’ instead of just ‘cake spatula’.

Content Strategy Implementation: Throughout your website, you will have content of different types, and what we do here is ensure that all of it is fully optimised, and that any new content we add to your eCommerce website is of the highest quality. If do not yet have a blog, we will likely create one, and even if you do, we will be adding to it to let Google see your eCommerce site provides valuable and interesting information to visitors. Other content can include videos and info-graphics which will certainly make you stand out from the competition when potential customers visit your website. Get a free website audit

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