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Our SEO consultant has over 20 years of experience in internet consultancy work.

Peter Brittain founded Slinky Interactive (later The Slinky Group) in East Perth in mid-1998.
It started off by providing an array of telecommunications and internet services.

Peter developed an online business and spent a lot of money on business directories, online advertising and SEO.
It was then that he realized SEO was going to be a big part of his site’s success.

It was the years before Google became huge.

Peter spent a lot of time trying to figure out Lycos, Yahoo, AltaVista and Ask Jeeves.

Years of reading, experimenting and testing theories resulted in a ton of SEO success for a growing client list.

SEO Consultant

As the business grew, it started to function as a distributed workforce with a diverse group of problem-solvers that work as true extensions of our client’s teams.

For us, remote working procedures were a thing a couple of decades before the pandemic.

We always try and do great work, that works great – without the big agency costs.

We aim to build constructive, respectful and lasting relationships with our clients.

We have been very lucky to have retained such loyal clients over the years.

We are members of The Australian Web Industry Association, are Google AdWords Certified consultants and are a Google Partner.

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“Professional SEO Consultants with great support. I have had a great experience with SEO Perth Experts, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have professional SEO work done. I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting outstanding results for our website.”

Matthew Bottecchia, Director
Integral Fire Protection
Perth WA

SEO Perth Experts : Mission Statement

“At SEO Perth Experts, we strive to empower businesses in Perth and beyond, enhancing their digital presence through innovative, ethical, and tailored SEO strategies. With our local understanding and global insights, we’re committed to driving growth, enhancing visibility, and ensuring our clients reach their targeted audiences precisely and efficiently. We believe in partnership, transparency, and continual improvement, delivering customized solutions that align with each business’s unique goals and values. Our success is your success, and we’re dedicated to making our client’s businesses shine online.”

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About SEO Consulting

The hardest part about SEO consulting.
Dealing with the bad reputation that SEO has….fortunately, most of our clients are long-term clients; many have been with us for 10-15+ years!

What We’ve learned.
Google uses 200+ ranking factors in their algorithm. In short, these are different ways of measuring 3 things: relevancy, authority and quality.

Relevancy is how well a page matches someone’s search.

Authority is how much Google trusts the content on a web page. They measure authority primarily based on links. Google evaluates the links that point to pages on your website. Based on this evaluation, Google assigns an authority value which it then uses to rank each page of your website in its search results.

Quality is based on a few different factors, like your site’s online reputation, your content’s structure, and how users interact with your site in the search results.

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Perth SEO Consultant
SEO Consulting Perth

Common SEO questions.

Can your SEO consultants help me with my online reputation?


Our SEO consultants provide online reputation management services.

It is imperative that a business or business person maintain a strong reputation online.

Positive reviews from your clients and customers will prove that your business provides great products and/or services.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

With 89% of users not going past Page 1 for any given search, it is important that anything on Page 1 about you and your business is positive.

We will increase your company’s exposure and help to ensure that the content you want on page 1 – is there.

“If you don’t define yourself, the Internet will.”

Blogging: Does it help SEO?
It certainly can, and it is one of the easiest, and most effective, ways to do so, for several reasons. First, is that within your blog post, you can use relevant keywords that are not your primary or secondary keywords.

The keyword group that we want to target in blog posts is called ‘long tail keywords’.

For example, if you have an SEO website, you could write a blog post titled ‘Why it pays to use an experienced SEO consultant?’ or ‘Are SEO consultants worthwhile using?’

With these types of posts, we try to answer the ‘searchers’ questions that they might type into Google.

If done correctly, this strategy can create a lot of extra relevant traffic to your website.

Second, you can link to, and link from the blog post and share the content across social media channels to create website engagement which can have a positive effect on your SEO.

Finally, if you write good content visitors will stay on your website longer, and encourage them to return. Google can recognise that happening and they are more likely to improve the rankings of a website that is popular than one where people click away immediately (bounce off).

How much does an SEO consultant cost in Perth?
The cost for an SEO consultant in Perth depends on a number of factors.

Your free consultation and website SEO audit will give us a good idea of what we need to do to deliver the results you want. We have extremely competitive pricing compared with the larger agencies.

There are a large number of variables involved, such as; Are you in a highly competitive industry? The more companies competing for the same keywords, the harder it is to rank – which in turn requires more work and results in a higher cost.

Where is your target audience? Is it local ie: your local suburb, your local city, the whole state – or the whole country? The wider the target area, the more potential customers/clients – but in turn, the higher the budget required.

What do your SEO consultancy packages include?
All our SEO consulting packages include the following; dedicated project manager, no setup fees, no keyword limit, full competitor analysis, complete on-page optimisation, copywriting and conversion optimisation. They also include; local business listings and optimisation (if required), social media strategy (if required), social media posting (if required), premium-level link building and continuous off-page strategy.

Reporting is provided by way of monthly ranking reports & monthly analytics reporting. Basically, our packages included everything that you need to get to the top of the search engines – and stay there!

What locations in Australia do you cover?
We service all areas in Australia (and some overseas locations). We have been servicing Sydney for many years – with incredible success.

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