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What is Conversion Optimisation?

You might ask, what is ‘Conversion Optimisation’? Using a company such as SEO Perth Experts to implement an effective SEO strategy can boost your search engine rankings and generate more visitors to your website than ever before, but we might then ask the question, ‘So, what?’ That is not to diminish what we can achieve, however, there is little point in us sending lots of extra to your website if when they get there, they do not take an action that benefits your business.

The actions that we might want them to take can vary greatly depending on the type of business you are running. The most obvious might be to place an order, and this most definitely applies if you have an eCommerce website selling multiple products.

Others could include:

  • Requesting a free trial
  • Asking for quote
  • Claiming a free gift
  • Requesting a free consultation
  • Calling by telephone for an appointment
  • Filling in an email opt-in form
  • Subscribing to free (or paid) membership
  • Joining a community
  • Taking part in a competition
  • Asking for more information

This is not every possible call to action that could possibly be added to a website, but hopefully, it gives you an idea of what is possible. You see, not every business has a website where someone directly buys a product or service. In fact, most websites are there to give the business a presence online, promote its brand, build a relationship with visitors, and then induce those visitors to make contact so that the ‘real’ selling can take place.

Businesses that offer services are prime examples of these. It is unlikely that businesses that offer accountancy services, business travel management, or staff recruitment would have an order form on their website. Instead, they would want to discuss a potential customer’s needs, so the call to action on their website might to be request a free consultation or quote.

So, how do you get the visitors to your website to follow the calls to action that your business needs them to take? This is where the conversion optimisation of your website kicks in and becomes a vital part of the journey from prospect to customer, but it must be done correctly as a part of your SEO campaign with your SEO agency. Get it wrong and it is akin to having a theatre, but when the audience turns up, there are no posters promoting the show, nor anywhere to buy a ticket, even if they wanted to.

SEO Perth Experts can ensure that your website audience always has a reason to act thanks to our optimisation knowledge and experience of what it takes to convert prospects to action-takers. Beyond that, we can monitor, test, and adapt our strategies to maximise results. Talk to us today

Discovery Stage: We will discuss with you what goals you have for your business and specifically how they relate to how your website can influence that. Do you want sales? Email subscribers? Free quote requests? It may even be that all you’d like a visitor to do is click one of your social media icons. Even a simple action like that needs a strategy to make it happen when a visitor comes to your website.

Once we know what your goals are, using all the existing data available we also need to determine who your potential customers are, what sort of people are likely to visit your website, and generate a picture of your audience. This enables us to determine which words and phrases are proven to make them act. Every bit as important is to identify what might stop or prevent them from taking action.

Another part of this discovery process will be a detailed analysis of your website that allows you to track where visitors have come from, where they go on your website, and what, if any, action they take before they leave. This will identify pages that are converting well, and those that don’t, and even goes as far as to pinpoint which areas of a page are ‘hot’ in terms of conversion, and where it’s ‘cold’.

Planning Stage: Once we have established what your conversion goals are, and have the necessary data and research we need, we can then create a plan in order to optimise your website. As every business is different no two of our conversion optimization plans are ever the same.

Your unique plan will include details of modifications to your website, such as rewriting content or placement adjustments to calls to action, for example. The plans will include timescales for all the optimisation we plan to make, along with targets for conversions and details of the A/B testing we intend to undertake.

Implementation and Reporting Stage: This is where we take the plan and implement it. More important than that is that we set up the testing and reporting. For example, we could run an A/B test on two images that click through to a form for a free quote. Our testing will show which of the two images gets the most clicks. We then set the winner as the default, but then test that against another image.

This testing process ensures that we are continually striving to beat our previous results. Each time we do, your conversions are increasing, and therefore your customer base is also increasing. We can test multiple assets on your website, including content, images, graphics, and even colours.

Every aspect of the conversion optimisation we do for your business will be under the watchful eye of a decimated project manager. This makes the whole process more effective and they can be contacted by you any time you need to discuss the project. For more details on how our conversion optimisation service can help your business convert more of your website visitors and prospects to customers, please get in touch.

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