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5 Ways To Make Your Content SEO Friendly

If there is one aspect of SEO upon which more content is written than any other, then, ironically, it is content. Ironically is probably the wrong word to use as ‘Justifiably’ would have been more appropriate, given how important content is to SEO and helping websites rank.  One reason so much is written about content is because it is a very effective way, and in most cases, a straightforward way, of enhancing a website’s SEO, especially in the eyes of Google.

However, its perceived easiness is the main reason why so many business owners get it entirely wrong when they create or purchase content for their website. The result is it does more harm than good, and the business owner is left scratching their head wondering why. It need not be that way, because if you follow some very simple principles, you can make content SEO friendly, and better than that, you can enhance the experience of visitors to your website, which can only lead to better conversions.

Make It Interesting and Unique

It is hard to fathom, why, to this day, some webmasters and even some SEO consultants who should know better, put content on websites that is no more than filler. It is there for no other reason than to exist with not one iota of thought towards anyone who might wish to read it.

All your content should be created with the intention to satisfy your website visitors first and Google second. The reason is that if you achieve the first, the second will follow. Good content means visitors stay longer, take action and share the content which widens your audience. Google sees all of that happening and therefore rewards you with higher rankings.

Mix It Up

No matter how well written your content may be, a website that is just page after page of text isn’t going to maximise its potential. Wherever possible you should be including other types of content such as images, infographics, and video. Again, this will appeal not only to your visitors who are likely to remain on your website longer, but Google also likes websites that offer a variety of content.

Effective Hyperlinking

Creating hyperlinks within your content is perfectly allowable in the eyes of Google and indeed they encourage it, but only up to point. Hyperlinks to other pages within your website are seen as an effective way to help your visitors find additional and relevant information, especially if the keyword used within the link is also relevant.

This principle also applies to links to other websites from yours, especially if they are related to what yours is about. It might seem counter intuitive to take visitors away from your website to another, but it does help your SEO.

Legitimate Keyword Density

Hopefully, you are not planning to publish content that is stuffed full of keywords in the hope that will get you ranked for them. In fact, it will have the opposite effect, and could even see your website’s ranking severely compromised as Google hates to see keyword stuffing. By all means, use keywords and keywords phrases in your content, but include them with a frequency that is natural, and when it is relevant to do so within the context of what is being written.

Break It Up

Website content shouldn’t be the same as the text in a book, so instead of having line after line of words, you should use headings and subheadings to break it up. This makes the person reading your content more likely to read on, and by making the headings and subheadings ‘H’ tags, it helps your SEO as Google sees your content properly structured and can also identify relevant keywords.

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