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For the vast majority of businesses, their website exists in order to help them increase revenue. Whether that means customers buying directly from their website, or the website being a significant part of their sales funnels in turning visitors into prospects or leads, it is imperative that the website converts.

If your sales and conversions are not as you would like them to be on your websites, it signifies that something is wrong. Where many business owners struggle is in identifying what is wrong, and more than that, many of them do not even know what to look for. Taking this a stage further, whilst they might know what is wrong, most business owners are unsure as to how to fix the problem.

This can be extremely frustrating for many business owners as their websites are an essential element of their revenue creation, or at least it should be. When the website is failing to live up to that expectation, the business will inevitably suffer given that less revenue means lower profits and even losses.

To help you understand what might be the issue if you feel your website is not generating sufficient revenue, we are going to highlight some of the most common causes and give you some suggestions as to how you can put them right.

Your Website Is Unattractive

We have to be upfront and tell you that one of the more likely causes of your website not converting is that it looks awful. Now, we appreciate you might have spent hours building your website and you may regard it as your online ‘baby’, and whilst every real baby IS beautiful, the sad fact is that there are loads of websites that are just plain ugly.

Try to put yourself in the place of a first-time visitor and open your website on your browser. Be absolutely honest with yourself and answer the question as to whether this website is genuinely attractive and welcoming.  Even if you are 100% certain that it is, we would still suggest you get a second, unbiased opinion.

There are many reasons for a website to be ugly such as wrong colour choices, too many images, poor images, inconsistencies with fonts and font sizes, and poor layouts. If your website is ugly, then visitors are not going to stay, and they most certainly are not going to be converted into a buyer or a lead. If you feel it is time to have a new website designed, here are a few things web designers need to understand.

Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the means by which a website owner attempts to improve its ranking on search engines and in particular, Google. There are many ways in which SEO benefits your website, and obviously one of them is that better ranking which should bring a greater amount of organic traffic to your website.

In addition, there are many on-site optimisations that take place as part of SEO, which also improve the experience of visitors to that website. One example is content, whereby well-written quality content that is not stuffed full of keywords, is enjoyed, and appreciated by visitors. As a result, they are more likely to remain on the site, and maybe more amenable to filling out a quotation request or purchasing directly from the site, if that is an option.

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Here are 5 Ways To Ensure Your Website Visitors Stay Longer.

Within the SEO and online business communities, a lot has been written about Google’s continuing mission to make its search engine results exactly match the intent of the person entering the search. In fact, a lot of what has been written has come from Google themselves.

They have moved from simply ranking websites based on how relevant they are to the search term, to them giving higher rankings to websites where the evidence is that user experiences will be greater than on other websites.

As it is impossible for Google to survey every single person to ask them about their experience, Google instead tries to establish it using data it receives back from the destination website.

There are numerous data points that all feed into Google’s ‘user experience’ score. These include bounce rate, which checks whether visitors take one look at a site and then click away, whether a website gets bookmarked by visitors, and dwell time, which is what we are going to focus on.

Dwell time tells Google how long visitors stay on each page of website, with logic telling them that if dwell time is high, the visitor likes the site, and if it is low, maybe not so much.

For website owners, this means that they need to do all they can to encourage visitors to stay. Here are 5 simple ways it can be done…

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No matter how much you have spent on your website, and regardless of how awesome your website looks, one thing you must remember is, it is nothing more than a bauble if it doesn’t help to generate revenue for your business.

Now it’s true that some websites are not built specifically for selling and are seen merely as a corporate hub designed to promote the company’s brand. There is nothing wrong with this especially for large corporations and multi-national organisations, however, for local businesses, websites serve a much different purpose, which sadly they often fail to fulfill for a variety of reasons.

Rather than go through a whole list of things that local business websites get wrong, instead let’s take a look at some of the key functions that a local business website should be performing if it is to help that business generate leads, sales, and revenue in order to sustain it.

Now we want to be very careful with this one which is to create a good first impression. Please do not think that is the starting gun for you to run off and completely redesign your website into a multi-coloured kaleidoscope of flashing images. The phrase less is more is very prevalent when it comes to the look of a website so don’t use colours and graphics for the sake of it.

What is more important about the visual elements of a website is whether it gives visitors a good first impression and does it look like a website that is going to be easy to navigate. Menus and buttons saying, ‘Click Here’ to the left, right and centre are confusing, and a confused mind always says ‘No’, which means they are out of there.

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You might ask, what is ‘Conversion Optimisation’? Using a company such as SEO Perth Experts to implement an effective SEO strategy can boost your search engine rankings and generate more visitors to your website than ever before, but we might then ask the question, ‘So, what?’ That is not to diminish what we can achieve, however, there is little point in us sending lots of extra to your website if when they get there, they do not take an action that benefits your business.

The actions that we might want them to take can vary greatly depending on the type of business you are running. The most obvious might be to place an order, and this most definitely applies if you have an eCommerce website selling multiple products.

Others could include:

  • Requesting a free trial
  • Asking for quote
  • Claiming a free gift
  • Requesting a free consultation
  • Calling by telephone for an appointment
  • Filling in an email opt-in form
  • Subscribing to free (or paid) membership
  • Joining a community
  • Taking part in a competition
  • Asking for more information

This is not every possible call to action that could possibly be added to a website, but hopefully, it gives you an idea of what is possible. You see, not every business has a website where someone directly buys a product or service. In fact, most websites are there to give the business a presence online, promote its brand, build a relationship with visitors, and then induce those visitors to make contact so that the ‘real’ selling can take place.

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