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Whether you own and run a local business in or near the Gold Coast, or the person within that business responsible for marketing, there is nothing more important for your success online than the traffic which visits your website. Without visitors to a website, no one ever learns more about your business, your track record, your successes, your existing happy customers, or your products and services.


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An example of how the same principle applies offline is with retailers, which would struggle to survive if nobody ever walked into their store. They might have awesome goods for sale inside, and a storefront that looks stunning, but if not a single passer-by walks throw the doors, those doors might as well remain locked shut.

When we look at marketing online, whilst having a good looking website is important, it counts for nothing if nobody ever sees it. Having the very best product or service in your niche does not even count for anything if you have no buying customers because nobody ever gets to see or hear about them.

So, how do we ensure that you have visitors aka traffic coming to your website? Well, there are several options, but for most online businesses, two come to the fore, namely paid traffic and organic traffic.


SEO Agency Gold CoastSEO Gold Coast or Paid Traffic? – Quick, But Not So Easy, and Not Always Sustainable

The first, and undoubtedly, the quickest way to drive traffic to your website is to use paid traffic. Whilst there are numerous sources of paid traffic online, the two biggest by some distance are Google and Facebook. Now it is not just a case of handing over several thousand dollars to either of them and saying, ‘Send me ‘X’ number of visitors’.

If that were the case, these platforms could send you 5,000 random visitors from their site, and the percentage of those visitors interested in your product or service could be less than 0.1%. Further, if you operate within the Gold Coast, they could be visitors who live in Perth, or indeed any city, including those overseas, which is hardly likely to be of any use to your local business on the Gold Coast.

This brings us to a key aspect of any online traffic, and it is the concept of targeting. By targeting, you can specify what you want these people to be looking for, their geographic location, and with Facebook, in particular, you can even target specific demographics. All of this requires research and in particular with regards to keywords.

Now, even if you are skilled enough to do all this yourself, and thus not pay a paid ads agency, you now need to write those ads, and then set them up with Facebook, Google, or another ad platform of your choice. Next, comes the painful part where you have to lodge funds to cover the traffic you will receive, which is normally done on a pay-per-click basis, meaning for every person who clicks your ads, you pay for it.

This is the point where many business owners realise that whilst paid advertising might bring quick traffic to their website, for it to continue they have to keep paying for it forever. The principle is the same with respect to your electricity supply where if you do not pay your electric bill, the power is switched off. Well, if you stop paying for ads, your traffic is switched off, and you are back to square one.

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Premium Level Gold Coast SEO Packages

As one of the leading SEO Gold Coast Companies in Queensland, we offer PREMIUM LEVEL SEO. We are generally able to produce outstanding results for all clients on a sustained basis. Click here to view some of our client results.

SEO Gold Coast can generate excellent ROI over a 12 month period. The package that we recommend will usually depend on how competitive your industry is – and how wide your expected target market reach is.

We have extremely competitive pricing compared with the larger agencies.

Plan 550
Local Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a small, LOCAL BUSINESS looking to dominate rankings in a suburb or small town.
Plan 949
Small Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a small business looking to rank well across a CITY in a less competitive industry.
Plan 1485
Small Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a SMALL BUSINESS looking to rank well across a city in a COMPETITIVE industry.
Plan 2500
Medium Business
Per month, Incl. GST
Will suit a MEDIUM-SIZED business looking to rank well across a city in a COMPETITIVE industry.

All Our SEO Gold Coast Packages Include:

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Keyword Limit
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Current SEO Metric Analysis
  • Expert On-Page Optimisation
  • Hierarchical Structure Review
  • Content Optimisation
  • Full Copy Writing Services
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy (if required)
  • Social Media Posting (if required)
  • Premium Level Link Building
  • Local Business Listings & Optimisation
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Continuous Off-Page Strategy
    (to keep you on top of Google)
  • Ongoing Consulting & Advice
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Monthly Ranking Reports

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Organic Traffic – Consistent and Sustainable

Where organic traffic differs from paid traffic is that you are not paying the source of that traffic. For example, if someone searches for ‘family lawyer Gold Cost’ and your law firm’s website is near the top of the search results on Google, when the person doing the searching clicks through to your website, you owe Google absolutely nothing.

That sounds a much better option, but before we go any further we must point out that getting to the top of the rankings on Google for any single search term, is a process. That process falls under the umbrella of search engine optimisation, or SEO Gold Coast as it usually called, and Gold Coast are one of the area’s top SEO Gold Coast agencies, with numerous local businesses that are now our satisfied customers.

What SEO does is ensure that when searches are made on Google or any other search engine for that matter, that a website that is properly set up and optimised for those very keywords, and it thus appears near the top of the results. Any traffic which comes from these searches can be considered free, however, in order to rank highly for search terms, especially the popular ones do take time, and some financial investment.

However, whereas paid traffic is a never-ending process and cost, SEO is something where most of the necessary work, such as keyword research and website optimisation is done at the beginning, with the subsequent results being long term and sustainable, and without being a constant drain on your business’s finances.


Sivana SEO Case StudyDiscover the secrets for turning SEO into real revenue results. Our clients have achieved incredible success!

Client: Sivana Bali

Industry: Drug Rehabilitation
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Who: Sivana Bali is the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Indonesia, offering a full complement of medical and addiction recovery services through a highly personalised addiction treatment.

The Results: Sivana Bali have been dominating their competition in organic search now for many years and remain the #1 ranked drug rehab in Bali and many other locations.

What our client says:

“I’m very pleased to write this testimonial about the services provided by SEO Perth Experts. As soon as we got them on-board, they turned our website ranking around. We have now been working with Peter and the team for many years and will continue to use their services for many years to come!”

Garth Spackman
Sivana Bali



Gold Coast SEO SpecialistSEO Gold Coast – Our Rule Of 3

One of the ways in which SPE Gold Coast differentiates us in a positive way from other agencies is that we focus as much on how we do things as we do on what we are actually doing. This is a huge advantage for our clients as it means that not only are we driven to achieve the results for them, but we want their experience of working with us to be as positive as possible.

In order to achieve this, at SEO Gold Coast we have established our ‘Rule of 3’ which is the foundation upon which all our actions are based upon, and it acts as the framework for what we do every single day. Our ‘Rule of 3’, as you would expect, has 3 components as follows:

#1: Establish What The Goals Of Our Clients Are

We appreciate every business is unique and even those within the same sector will have different targets and  varying business goals. That is why at the earliest opportunity we establish what a client’s goals are. By doing so, it means that immediately when we start planning and researching, and then implement their SEO Gold Coast, we are already helping to move our client’s business in the correct direction.

#2 Communicate Fully And Effectively

As we work diligently towards improving your search engine ranking, and the other goals which we have been set, we do not shut ourselves off from you, working in secret, before then having a ‘Big Reveal’ at the end.  Instead, we have a regular and consistent communication with you as we go, and we make that as convenient for you as we possibly can, while providing clear updates for you.

#3 If We Have Targets, We Hit Them!

At SEO Gold Coast, we appreciate our success can be directly responsible for helping your business succeed, so when you set us targets with respect to your marketing and SEO, we know the importance of hitting those targets. By helping you succeed, we hope that it means you are happy to refer us to others,  meaning we have created a win-win-win scenario, for you, us, and our future clients.

SEO Expert Gold CoastHow SEO Gold Coast Create Successful SEO Campaigns

Previously, we laid out for you a brief comparison between using paid advertising to generate online traffic and using SEO traffic to do likewise. Paid ads may be quicker, but they are a never-ending cost, whilst SEO takes a bit longer but is more sustainable.

That is not to say every SEO Gold Coast campaign is simply a matter of setting them up and walking away. We must tell you  that if your website is consistently appearing at the top of Google searches your competitors are going to notice and are likely to take action, especially if their website is the one you are now outranking.

Nevertheless, Google is a bit like a large oil tanker trying to reverse its direction, and thus it is not prone to making quick and sudden changes. We will caveat that and say that if it finds a website is breaking its rules and trying to rank using underhand tactics, then Google does move quickly, and that means it will delist a website with literally the press of a button on a computer keyboard.

Assuming you want your website, and your business to do everything by the rules, then once we implement your SEO Gold Coast campaign in full, and once the higher rankings start happening, they are likely to remain that way for some time. That is because not only do we remain firmly within the boundaries of what Google considers to be legitimate, but we also know how to implement them better than most other SEO agencies.

Our formula for SEO success consists of 4 simple SEO goals related to your website and your business.

These 4 SEO Gold Coast goals are:

  1. Improve your website’s ranking on the search engines
  2. Increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website from the search engines
  3. Increase the percentage of visitors to your website who convert to buyers
  4. Improve your business’s branding

Hopefully, you can see that these 4 goals follow in a logical order that makes sense with respect to your business expanding. For example, there is no point in spending time and money increasing the conversion on your website without also increasing the amount of traffic that flows to it, and that only happens if we increaser the ranking of your website.

Naturally, for any of these goals to be achieved, there are actions that we need to take, and it is within those actions where you will see SEO Gold Coast bringing together our experience, our expertise, our skills, our dedication, and our passion for succeeding. Throughout it all, we will be implementing a number of specific SEO tactics and services which are outlined further below.

Gold Coast SEOAn Array Of Local SEO Services In Gold Coast From SPE

You will note that the header of this section states ‘SEO Services’ as a plural. That is because SEO, if it is to be done properly, is not just a single service. Rather, it is a combination of several different services, actions, and tactics, that cumulatively allow us to increase the rankings of your website, for several keyword searches on Google.

Now, you might find some agencies that offer some of these services, but not all, and that creates a problem for them, or more specifically it causes problems for their clients. Without a complete array of the skills and knowledge required to implement a successful SEO campaign, it is only going to have limited success.

The analogy we would make is for you to consider a laptop computer. It consists of hundreds of components and parts, with each individual part like a small resistor on the circuit board, not seeming that important,. However, remove any one of those components, and the laptop might not work as well or at all.

That is why when SEO Gold Coast implements SEO for a local client, we do not cut corners or only provide 70% of the SEO services which we are able to. Instead, we give it 100% as that way we are ensuring that the collective benefit of each action we take is maximised.

At SEO Gold Coast our SEO services can be classified into two very distinct areas, namely Off-Site Services and On-Site Services. With the work that we do off-site, this involves activities that take place away from your website and often involve us building relationships with other website owners, something we have vast experience of doing.

As for on-site, you will have already realised that this is the work that we do on your own website, with some of this work being visual and able to be seen by anyone who visits the site, and some being under the bonnet as it were, and only taking place within the admin areas of the site.

Off-Site Services From SEO Gold Coast

Off-site optimisation is often the part of SEO that many lesser agencies fall down on. The reason is that, in order to implement them, you either have to directly communicate with other website owners or at the very least comply with the terms and conditions of use of any website that you use.

A simple example of this might be a website whose users are exactly the type of potential customers you want. This website might have a forum where users share information so in order to get them to visit your website you need to provide help, solutions, and other content. It a case of showing that website and its users respect and not spamming them with loads of backlinks.

Unfortunately, that is what some SEO agencies will try to get away with and the likely result is that they get thrown off that forum, and worse, because it is your website that the links go to, they are trashing your reputation at the same time.

Everything that SEO Gold Coast do as part of your SEO strategy will be completely white-hat, and that means we will protect your online reputation, and in many cases even enhance it, due to the fact that we are providing excellent advice, information, and other useful content on websites, social media platforms, and forums in your name.

  • Effective And Ethical Backlinking

We have just given you one brief example of the difference between how a poor SEO agency might approach off-site optimisation, and the proper way that SEO Gold Coast would do it, so let us look at the primary off-site strategy, backlinking, in a bit more detail.

The importance of backlinking to rankings has been known since SEO became a service, but it is also an area of SEO that is so misused and misunderstood, that most who try it get it wrong.

Google and the other search engine use backlinks to establish many things but the two most significant of them are the importance of a website, and what that website’s relevance to specific keywords is.

  • Building Relevant Backlinks For The Keywords That Matter

If we take relevance first, it stands to reason that if there are numerous backlinks that all contain a keyword, then the website they all link to is trying to rank for that keyword. An example would be a landscaping company that has numerous links with terms such as ‘landscaping design’.

It is essential that this way of creating relevance for a website is not overdone, as Google would see that as over-optimisation. If you have 200 backlinks and 190 of them all the same keyword, you will not rank. Google wants backlinking to be as natural as possible, and that is where SEO Gold Coast’s expertise in creating just the correct balance across all of the keywords you want to rank for is key to our success.

  • Gaining Authority In The Eyes Of Google

As well as getting the balance of backlinks types and keywords right, we also ensure that the websites that those are sourced from, also help with your ranking. The reason they can help is that any perceived power of authority that they have in the eyes of Google, is passed on in part via a backlink that points from them to your website.

It is easy to go out and garner backlinks from any old website, but if they have zero authority, then they serve very little purpose. Google values quality over quantity in almost every way it ranks websites, so the key for us in helping our clients to rank is not the number of backlinks we create for them, but the quality and value of them.

  • Optimising ‘Google My Business’

Usually referred to as GMB, Google My Business is one of the most misunderstood, underused, and poorly optimised aspects of off-site SEO. This creates a huge opportunity for those businesses who do want to get it right, as Google pays great attention to GMB and it plays a key part in helping a local business to rank well compared to its competition.

Knowing how to set up GMB is critical as if the details which are submitted are not accurate and inconsistent then Google will effectively ignore your GMB. With SPE Gold Cost employed to set up and optimise your GMB listing we will ensure that any benefit your local business derives from it is maximised.

In practice, what this will mean is that when we have you ranking at the top of Google for any of the keywords you want to rank for, then your GMB listing will appear. This will include details about your business including directions to it, contact details, and even 5-star reviews from your happy customers.

Imagine the difference that will make to anyone deciding whether or not to contact you versus your competition whose GMB listing might not be complete or missing altogether. Further, as part of your SEO Gold Coast strategy we will introduce ways to further encourage positive reviews which will be there front and centre when you are found by prospects on Google.

On-Site Services From SPE Gold Coast

When it comes to being able to implement the many optimisation work that can take place on-site, then we have much greater flexibility and control, but at the same time, we always comply with Google’s standards. This is another area where second rate SEO agencies fail in their duty to their clients, as they think because they have control over a website, they have free rein to do what they like.

Often that will mean that they instigate a number of tactics that work for a short period of time, but in the longer term either lose their effectiveness, or worse, cause that website to be hit by penalties from Google with regards to its ranking. At SPE we never take risks with our client’s website, as often that is the core of their business, and main source of revenue.

Instead, what we do is plan, implement, and optimise a number of on-site strategies that are proven to work, and most importantly, fall well within the standards which Google expects to find with respect to SEO. Here are some of the strategies and services we offer.

  • Content Creation And Optimisation

For the vast majority of people who use the internet, it is the content they are there for, and it is great content that will keep them there. That applies as much to huge websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia as it does any local business website, such as yours, for example.

Content plays several important roles when it is added to a website, and that is why SEO Gold Coast’s experience and expertise in the creation of content is going be a huge boost for your business.

The first thing optimised content does is alert Google to the fact that your website even exists. More than that, by optimising that content with the inclusion of the keywords you wish to rank for, it helps Google establish your website as one that people might be interested in when they enter certain search phrases.

For example, if you run a gym and want to attract customers from the internet, if your website has lots of articles, videos, and infographics relating to and giving advice on getting and keeping fit, then Google is more likely to rank you, than if you have very little information on that subject.

Here is another place where mistakes get made by those who do not know or care about optimising content properly, as they simply pile on loads of content with no thought as to whether it is any good or not. Their view is quantity over quality, which is exactly the opposite of what Google wants.

Google has many ways to measure how good your website and some of those measures include how much time a person stays on the website, and whether they leave almost immediately. The better the website scores on either of these, the more Google recognises that this is a website people like, and it follows that it will increase that website’s ranking.

If, however, people leave quickly or spend little time on a website, it sends the opposite signal to Google, and of course, it lowers the ranking. It is clear that the reason people remain for some time on a website is that there must be high quality, useful and interesting content there, which is why when it comes to SEO Gold Coast creating a content strategy for your website, we give it our maximum attention.

Our experience tells us what sort of content appeals to different audiences and so the sort of content we would produce for a hairdressing salon’s website, is going to differ from a family lawyer’s website. What does not differ though is the absolute intention to make any content we create for a website relevant and likely to boost the ranking of that website.

  • Effective Internal Linking

You will recall that when we were outlining the services which we offer to optimise your off-site marketing we discussed the importance of backlinking from other websites, well the same is true about linking within your own website. This is once again an aspect of SEO that many agencies ignore, and many business owners are thus not even aware that this simple strategy can benefit them.

Internal linking is an SEO strategy that benefits your website’s ranking in more than one way. The first is a bit technical but what it does is to, in effect, give Google’s spiders and the spiders of other search engines a logical map of your website. Spiders, as they relate to SEO, are tiny pieces of software that Google sends out into the internet to literally crawl every website.

When they are crawling a website, the spiders send back to Google as much data and information as they can about it. As a website owner you can make that easier or harder for the spiders, and the easier you make it the more accurate and thus beneficial that will be. The way that we ensure that spiders can crawl your website effectively is through the use of our backlinking strategy, which is proven to work.

Another benefit of doing so is that when we create external backlinks from large, authority websites to your website, each page which we subsequently link to internally, shares some of the power that the external links provided. In other words, instead of just the target page we link to benefiting with respect to its ranking, we can help other pages within your website to rank too.

  • Metadata, Titles and Descriptions

If we stick with the theme of helping Google to consider improving your website’s ranking, another on-site aspect of the services we provide is the optimisation of your website’s metadata. Metadata is the term used to describe parts of your website that serve as a form of labelling throughout it, with some of it visible to visitors, and some of it hidden in the source of your website.

Metadata is another part of your website that helps Google’s spiders identify elements of your website and makes the information they generate in relation to what your website is trying to rank for clearer in the eyes of Google.

Examples of metadata that are visible to visitors are the titles of pages and the headings which appear within content. Examples of metadata that is usually hidden are the alt text for images. As yet Google does not have the technology to identify what an image is of or about, but by creating the alt text, which in effect describes the image, Google can recognise that and apply it with respect to relevancy and ranking.

It is essential that all your metadata is in place, accurate, and importantly not over optimised, and that is why the experts we have at SPE Gold Coast will ensure that your website’s metadata is 100% correct and able to help your rankings, not hinder them.

We Ensure Google Rank You, Not Penalise You

In a couple of places in this page, we have already touched on the difference between how we operate, and how those SEO agencies which care less about results and more about just doing a job and pocketing their fee, regardless of the outcomes, operate. The sad fact is that often the outcomes they create, do more harm to a business than good.

The reason they do harm is that they try to cut corners, employ long-abandoned tactics that no longer work, and worst of all, operate in a fashion that goes completely counter to the way Google wants to see websites optimised and SEO to be done. When this happens, it is little wonder that a business owner will see their website not only fail to rank, but in the worst cases, disappear from the search engines altogether.

Google spends millions of dollars training and employing their operatives, and even more on the technology they use to crawl websites and rank them. This investment is huge, and also partly why it is the number 1 search engine on the internet. The simple fact is Google wants to remain number 1 and the only way it can do so is making the results it generates for every single search, ones that searchers are happy with.

Consider the scenario of someone living on the Gold Coast who is searching for a car hire company and they enter the search ‘Car hire company Gold Coast’ on Google. If the results Google generates for that search include a load of spammy websites full of adverts, adult sites, a car wash, and a car hire firm from Perth WA, it does not help the person searching, and they are likely to search elsewhere.

That would be the outcome if Google had not spent so much time and money on ensuring that any search which takes on its search produces not only the relevant results with regards to the search term, but that also includes websites that it knows the searcher will be happy to visit.

That second scenario is what SEO Gold Coast want to achieve for you, regardless of your business niche or sector, and it can only be achieved and sustainable if we follow what is called white hat tactics and strategies. Any crossing of the line to short-cut google ranking algorithms serves neither us, nor you as our client, and we will not entertain for a second, any of the black hat tactics that would threaten a ranking penalty.

Our Own Experts, Not $5 Amateurs

There are some SEO Gold Coast agencies who, apart from being happy to bend and break Google’s rules, compound the problem by outsourcing all of their work. Often it is to no doubt hard-working freelancers, but with respect, these are not SEO experts capable of planning, implementing, and successfully completing the task of ranking a business website properly.

You might also come across what could be termed ‘Jack of all Trades, Masters of None.’ They undoubtedly have a broad knowledge of SEO, and may even get some results, but they often spread themselves far too thinly to really focus on their work for you, especially if they are working for more than one client at a time.

What tends to happen here is they start off promising stellar results, and might have one or two early success, but as their workload increases, and they struggle to cope, the delays and the excuses start. Their lines of communication also dry up and you are left with a half-finished job, a fee which is non-returnable (after all, they ‘did’ the work’), and a heap of frustration as your website is barely ranked any higher than before.

The SPE Gold Coast Difference

Compare all of the above grief, with how SEO Gold Coast look after you. We have a team of experts who each specialise in one aspect of SEO, and thus when we need to plan, implement, and optimise it, we have an individual who knows exactly how to do so. In addition, for every client we provide a dedicated project manager to oversee everything and provide you a convenient single point of communication.

In fact, before we even get to that point there is a lot we do to help us get results, starting with our first meeting with you where we ascertain exactly how you want us to help you. That will include us seeking to fully understand your business, the sector it operates in, your competition, your audience, your customers, and we obviously look at your website too.

It is critical to our success that before we create an SEO plan and strategy, we understand that each business sector has its own audience and client base, that each location will have differences, and even within a target audience of a business, there will be an array of demographics that can be targeted. It is this attention to detail that other SEO Gold Coast agencies fall down on, and why SPE Gold Coast’s clients have benefitted from it.

Once we have gathered all that we need we will then create a bespoke SEO plan that we believe will allow us to rank as many pages of your website, for as many target keyword phrases and search terms relevant to your business we can. This plan will be unique to your business and why you can be sure that when we are working on your SEO, we are focused on it 100%.

Get In Touch For Your Free Consultation

We trust by now that you can see the potential for the success of your business if SEO Gold Coast were to plan and implement an SEO strategy that would see your website soar up the search engine rankings, hugely increase the number of visitors to your website, and best of all, see the level of your sales and revenue increase too.

If you would like to take the first step towards having that vision become a reality, then all you need to do is get in touch with us in order that we can provide you with a free consultation. Simply complete the contact form, and one of our dedicated and friendly team will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to helping to further your business’s success.

Let’s do great work together.

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