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For those who run or own a bridal business, or indeed any business type, and whose business model or budget does not allow for lots of paid advertising, you are going to have to seek other ways to drive traffic to your bridal website. Thankfully, there is no shortage of low-cost traffic sources online, and one which is at the forefront of them all is organic traffic from search engines.

With Google dominating the search engine industry, it is its rules and algorithm that everyone seeks to understand to know what Google looks for when it deems a website worthy of ranking on its coveted first page. Whilst officially, those details remain a secret, marketers and SEO experts have done enough research to give the business world a relatively good idea of what is required.

So, based on the available information and data, we will give you a guide to ranking your website on page one of Google. Succeed, and you can expect increased traffic to your bridal website, increased sales, and best of all, increased profits.

3 Main Benefits Of Being On Google’s First Page

#1 – You will receive more organic traffic to your website = More leads/prospects = More sales = More revenue.

#2 – You have a huge advantage over your local competition as those searching online find you, not them.

#3 – Your bridal business has increased credibility and brand awareness with consumers and those looking for bridal retailers.

How To Retain Your Page One Status

It is a fact that remaining on Google’s first page requires as much focus as getting there in the first place. To ensure you stay there for as long as possible, you must set up analytics for your website.

By using effective analytics, you will be able to measure the actions and behaviours of those who visit your website. This allows you to optimise it further to keep Google’s algorithm happy. Specifically, you want to check how long visitors remain on your website once they land there, how many pages they visit, and if they are sharing, liking, or commenting on the content you have on your website.

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If you have read several articles, tutorials, and blog posts relating to SEO and paid advertising such as PPC, you might have concluded that each of these marketing strategies is done in isolation from the other. In other words, most of the content online about either SEO or PPC suggest that they are done separately and almost to the extent that they compete with each other.

That is not surprising given that some marketers are huge fans of PPC and will write passionately about its merits and how it can quickly drive traffic to websites. Other marketers are SEO experts who are fully committed to keeping on top of the unending changes Google makes to its algorithm and helping to drive “free” organic traffic to websites.

You will note that we placed “free” in quotations as no traffic is completely free because there will be a financial cost to create an SEO campaign, or at the very least, there is a time cost given how long some SEO campaigns take to bear results.

Despite all of their differences and the situation where some marketers appear to be in either the PPC camp or the SEO camp, the fact is that neither of them should be seen as the antithesis of the other. We will go further than that and state that one of the best and most effective ways to create a successful traffic generation campaign is to utilise both SEO and PPC within that campaign.

In other words, we are suggesting that rather than having to choose one or the other, you instead use both SEO and PPC to complement the benefits and advantages that each of them has. This way the individual results that each can provide are enhanced when those results are combined. Continue reading, and we will explain ten effective strategies to achieve what we have just described.

#1 – Implement A PPC Campaign For Immediate Traffic: If your business requires immediate traffic, then the quickest way to achieve this online is to start a PPC campaign. By setting an affordable budget, bidding on relevant keywords, and producing ad copy that will convert you could have traffic arriving on your website within minutes of your PPC campaign going live.

#2 – Implement An SEO Campaign For Long-Term, Sustainable Traffic: From the fast traffic to the slower but often more sustainable and reliable traffic that SEO can produce. Be aware that you will need to be patient with SEO. However, you can get faster results by turning over your SEO to a local SEO agency. They may not create traffic overnight, but it will certainly arrive sooner thanks to their SEO expertise and experience.

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Many elements of online marketing remain relatively stable as time proceeds, and there are others where changes happen almost daily, and one that most certainly fits in that latter category is search engine optimisation, aka SEO. SEO is the umbrella name for numerous tactics and strategies that aim to boost the search engine rankings of websites and the pages therein.

Google is the undoubted leader in search engines, with over 85% of online searches taking place there. It follows that when it comes to which search engine almost all SEO strategies are aimed towards, it is almost always Google.

Google’s dominance of the search engines means that when it makes changes to its algorithms, changes the rules for rankings, and introduces an update then everyone associated with SEO sits up and pays attention. This is a constant process because Google tries 24/7, 365 days a year, to improve the quality of its search engine results for its users.

The practical impact that has on SEO is that many tactics and strategies that might be effective one day, can about turn overnight if a Google update decides that rather than being a positive ranking factor it is now either neutral or even worse, a negative.

As a result, SEO is in continual flux with optimisation trends coming and going based on what Google’s algorithm currently seeks within websites to deem them worthy of ranking highly. Every year new trends appear or grow more significant, and others diminish or even disappear. As for SEO trends that you should be looking for in 2023, here are nine of the most important.

Conversational Search Terms

Google relentlessly strives to make a user’s search experience such that they find the most relevant result quickly when they enter a search term, including voice searches. To improve its results, Google, therefore, places much emphasis on understanding human dialogue.

To this end, it uses ‘LaMDA’ (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), which is a protocol that seeks to learn and understand human conversational language and from this Google uses it to better understand the true intent of searches inputted, especially voice searches. To take advantage of this, your keyword research should include conversational search terms.

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Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an aspect of digital marketing that probably sparks more debate, discussion, and disagreements than any other. Given that the search engines do not publish the exact means by which they calculate rankings, it means SEO experts, agencies, and others trying to improve their rankings have to rely on not so much guesswork but more an evidence-based approach.

What we mean by that is the improvement of a website’s rankings takes the form of a series of individual optimisations, with each one monitored to determine if their implementation has had a positive or negative impact on rankings.

What complicates matters further is that Google, which is by far the dominant and most influential search engine, will regularly alter its ranking algorithms and create updates that can impact SEO to an extent ranging from minor adjustments being required to wholesale, whereby the entire rankings landscape changes. When the latter occurs, it has not been unusual to see entire websites and/or online businesses disappear from search results.

Thankfully, Google’s updates more recently, whilst important, have not ripped up the SEO ‘manual’ completely. Nevertheless, they still require those who rely on SEO for online traffic to take heed and make the necessary changes to protect or enhance their rankings. As for what the most recent Google updates have been, here are the most important of them.

Core Algorithm Updates 2023

Google’s algorithm is effectively how they evaluate and then rank not only websites but every page that every website online has. The fact that it does so almost instantly each time a search is entered has to be admired.

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When it comes to SEO and trying to rank your website as high as possible on Google and other search engines, there is no shortage of strategies, tools, and content types that you can use to bolster your results. Indeed, one reason many people fear trying SEO is that it seems to have so many moving parts that most have no idea where to start.

If that is the case for anyone reading this, then one excellent solution is to get in touch with a local SEO agency that can advise you and should you wish them to, they can implement a comprehensive SEO campaign that can see your website shooting to the upper echelons of Google.

One of the content types that they could include in that SEO campaign is video. Nobody can have escaped the huge influence that online videos have had, be that from children able to watch educational videos on a tablet or dramatic live coverage of news events being watched on mobile phones as they happen in real-time.

Of course, those two examples are but a minute fraction of how video is used online, and within that, we must include SEO. To gain higher rankings, you must have great content and video can provide the medium you create and publish. Gone are the days when producing a video for businesses would require hiring studios, equipment, and personnel running to thousands of dollars. Today, a mere mobile phone is sufficient.

Indeed, there are entire online businesses that have used videos to incredible effect and with massive success, and they have all been recorded on mobile devices, many of which were not even edited before being published. This should point you toward how simple it is to create videos to support your SEO.

However, one of the primary goals of any video you publish, especially on your website, is user engagement (UX). Google’s ongoing obsession with UX means that the websites it ranks highly are the ones that invariably it sees as providing great experiences backed up by user engagement.

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