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Many business owners are under the false impression that once an SEO campaign has been completed and their rankings have improved that this is the end of the work. The truth is it is only the beginning and there are several reasons for this.

The first is that Google is constantly amending and updating its algorithm which allocates rankings for every search term. What might have worked last month to boost rankings may no longer work after Google makes a change. Also, Google likes to see websites that are growing rather than those which sit still and offer no new content.

Then there is the not-insignificant fact that your local competition is unlikely to just sit around and accept that you have outranked them on Google. They are more than likely to instigate an SEO campaign of their own and if you are the top-ranked website it is you that they are gunning for.

So, hopefully, you see that you must stay on top of your SEO efforts, and one of the most important elements of that process is conducting an SEO audit. An SEO audit is an assessment you carry out on not just your website, but each page you are trying to rank to ensure that it is fully optimised for when Google’s spiders come crawling to assess all the on-page ranking factors.

If you are unsure how to conduct an SEO audit, then you could employ an SEO agency to conduct one for you. However, even then it will still be valuable if you at least have an understanding of what constitutes an SEO audit, so here are seven of the main tasks that will be the basis for it.

Conduct Keyword Research: SEO without keyword research is akin to trying to shoot at a target whilst wearing a blindfold. Keyword research identifies what keywords attract the most searches, which you can target for quick rankings due to low competition, and new keywords that attract increased search volumes.

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When you are working on an SEO campaign, there will be a variety of objectives that form part of it. One of those will be to get traffic to specific pages, some of which will be landing pages. However, not every landing page will be the target of organic traffic from search engines as some landing pages might also be being sent traffic from paid advertising campaigns such as pay-per-click.

Some website owners might simply use a single landing page for all of their traffic whether it be SEO generated from search engines, or PPC generated from paid ads, however, that may not be the most effective way of using landing pages. What has been shown to work much better than using a single landing page, especially when it comes to conversion rates, is to have a differently designed landing page for SEO traffic, to that which is used for paid traffic.

Why Every Page Can Be Considered A Landing Page

We wish to start by clarifying what we mean by a landing page because it is the case that there are many different views on what constitutes a landing page. You can legitimately say that every page is a potential landing page, especially if it is the first page within a website that a visitor arrives at from another source, and for this article that is how we are going to define them.

Now, what many will regard as definitive landing pages, are those which traffic is driven to, that have very little content, and which usually have a single purpose such as visitors submitting their email address, or clicking through to find out more about a product.

What this takes us to is a recognition that there are different types of landing pages, and depending on what type of traffic they receive and the purpose for which they are part of a website, it will make a difference in how they are designed to maximize their performance.

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On-Page SEO Services

With on-page optimisation you have much greater control, for the simple reason that you own the website. This provides for greater flexibility with respect to the SEO services that we can perform on your website, but nevertheless, each of them must, and will, conform with the standards and rules which Google sets out.

This sets SEO Perth Experts further apart from some agencies who might try to cut corners and as such compromise the longer-term rankings of the client’s website in the hope that they can secure short-term results. Remember, Google can detect when black hat SEO is being implemented, so anything which tries to game their system in an underhand way is putting a website at risk of being delisted from the search engines completely.

On-Page SEO might be somewhat easier to implement as it is done on a website we have complete access to, but that does not give us a green light to actions which neither provide long-term results and which could jeopardise a website completely. We have the skills, ability, and experience to rank your website the correct way, and in a way that Google welcomes, rather than seeks to punish. Below are some of those individual on-page SEO services which we offer.

Optimisation Of Metadata

We have been mentioning Google a lot with respect to ranking factors, and a group of optimisations which helps Google to identify what a website is trying to rank for is its metadata. Metadata is the word used to describe specific elements of a website’s coding and it acts as a form of signposting throughout that website, with some metadata hidden from view, and other metadata visible to anyone who visits the site.

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For the vast majority of businesses, their website exists in order to help them increase revenue. Whether that means customers buying directly from their website, or the website being a significant part of their sales funnels in turning visitors into prospects or leads, it is imperative that the website converts.

If your sales and conversions are not as you would like them to be on your websites, it signifies that something is wrong. Where many business owners struggle is in identifying what is wrong, and more than that, many of them do not even know what to look for. Taking this a stage further, whilst they might know what is wrong, most business owners are unsure as to how to fix the problem.

This can be extremely frustrating for many business owners as their websites are an essential element of their revenue creation, or at least it should be. When the website is failing to live up to that expectation, the business will inevitably suffer given that less revenue means lower profits and even losses.

To help you understand what might be the issue if you feel your website is not generating sufficient revenue, we are going to highlight some of the most common causes and give you some suggestions as to how you can put them right.

Your Website Is Unattractive

We have to be upfront and tell you that one of the more likely causes of your website not converting is that it looks awful. Now, we appreciate you might have spent hours building your website and you may regard it as your online ‘baby’, and whilst every real baby IS beautiful, the sad fact is that there are loads of websites that are just plain ugly.

Try to put yourself in the place of a first-time visitor and open your website on your browser. Be absolutely honest with yourself and answer the question as to whether this website is genuinely attractive and welcoming.  Even if you are 100% certain that it is, we would still suggest you get a second, unbiased opinion.

There are many reasons for a website to be ugly such as wrong colour choices, too many images, poor images, inconsistencies with fonts and font sizes, and poor layouts. If your website is ugly, then visitors are not going to stay, and they most certainly are not going to be converted into a buyer or a lead. If you feel it is time to have a new website designed, here are a few things web designers need to understand.

Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the means by which a website owner attempts to improve its ranking on search engines and in particular, Google. There are many ways in which SEO benefits your website, and obviously one of them is that better ranking which should bring a greater amount of organic traffic to your website.

In addition, there are many on-site optimisations that take place as part of SEO, which also improve the experience of visitors to that website. One example is content, whereby well-written quality content that is not stuffed full of keywords, is enjoyed, and appreciated by visitors. As a result, they are more likely to remain on the site, and maybe more amenable to filling out a quotation request or purchasing directly from the site, if that is an option.

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Regardless of whether we are talking about a sporting competition, a military engagement, or trying to outrank a rival local business on Google, the more you know about the competition, the better a chance you have of succeeding.

This reminds us of a great phrase that goes, ‘Knowledge Is Power’, and when it comes to SEO, there can be no truer saying. Many people when thinking about SEO, see it as a battle against Google, and an exercise looking for ways to ‘trick’ Google into ranking their website higher than maybe it deserves to. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Google is not your opponent when you are trying to rank a website, in fact, given that they are constantly telling us what they look for with regards to SEO, they should be regarded as an ally.

Competitor Analysis: Your Real SEO Competition

The real competition, when it comes to ranking, are those other local businesses, who are competing for the same customers you are, especially online.

In another article, we referred to SEO as a series of games, with each individual keyword is a separate game of who gets to rank highest for it. Well, within in each niche or business sector, the keywords are more or less the same, and whoever wins the ranking game for more of those keywords than their competition gets more visitors to their website, thus more customers, and ultimately greater profits.

You might be thinking that if one or more of your competitors are already riding high on the first page of Google for a whole series of keywords, that trying to outrank them will be a fruitless task. That assumes that they have everything with regards to their SEO, set up perfectly, but that is highly unlikely to be the case.

Even if they are well optimised, that does not mean that you cannot at least match what they have done, and in most cases, you should be able to create an SEO campaign that will allow you to outrank them.

Given the title of this article, you might be thinking that the first step in getting to that highly desirable situation is to do some competitor analysis, but while it happens early, you must first create your overall SEO strategy. This allows you to plan each element of your SEO to ensure it is the most effective it can be.

If you need help with planning your SEO or want a professional SEO company to create and fulfill it for you, please get in touch.

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